Just a keyboard and a screen that’s all I’ll need

Just the notion that I just need a keyboard, a screen and internet connection to live a full life is so relieving.

I can be anywhere. Doesn’t matter what powerful technology I have, it is just incremental improvement on my scale of comfort. And I don’t need more comfort. Especially if I want to live a rich life.

That means that the worst that can happen is actually not that bad. Me in a corner with an old laptop and my eagerness to learn.

Placing the words, choosing the sentences and setting the rhythm.

I spent most of the day reading, again. Originally as a form of sloth, but then the quality of wisdom I came across made me get up.

Yes, it’s all about value creation. People have some form of hassle in their lives that they want to get rid of. I’m here to see what I can do. Some of their problems are piece of cake for others. The work lies in matching the two sides.

That’s it really. I feel I bit self-conscious now that I’m writing this. But I just spent the day reading and learning and trying to follow the advice.

Of course advice can be good but not necessarily good for you.

Also I got control of youtube. No more related videos that lure me into the black hole of time. itube now.


The power of habits instead of willpower Experiment

Here I am. With more ideas than ever. Excitement regained. I couldn’t make sense of yesterday. I was in a plateau, I am in a plateau. I’m enjoying the plateau.

Project are waiting for me. And a common theme is that they will be accompanied with a daily progress log. Deadlines there will be. But the goal is another thing: to not break the chain.

It’s more of a commitment than a goal. My projects have no end in perspective. Just daily progress toward higher watermarks.

I shall record my movements and make it a learning journey, all along.

But I should be smart about it. No crazy objectives. Just measurable and achievable ambitions. First one and only objective: To stick to the practice. Forever. Until there is no more practice. And that’s hard to conceive.

I’ve got all of that from Mastery by George Leonard. I made sense of it. And will try to make the most of its teachings. Yes I have projects in mind regarding that youtube chrome extension. "Putting back the "you" in youtube", a second practice is to write. Influence. Operate mechanisms of power. Draw attention. Trigger emotions with words. That a challenge worth taking.

I can try and test this wordsmith-ness anywhere.

I’m bursting with excitement, but I know that excitement depletes in about 1 to 2 days. But what comes next are habit formations. And that’s where my strengths are. If I have proven something over the course of the past 2 years, it’s developing the habits that I still have today.

And look at me. I haven’t broken the chain.

Another thing I learned: Using anger.

The adrenaline rush, the energy, into some form of effort. It can be physical (pull-ups/push-ups/planks/swings/squats) or it can be directed toward the practice of not breaking the chain. The habit building.

I will also experiment with flipping my day and see how it goes. Instead of doing things first thing in the morning, generally thanks to willpower. I will completely disregard willpower for the more tranquil power of habits. My habits are generally strong when they are during the end of the day, before I go to sleep. So I will just vagabond and surf in the morning and look forward to get my habits done before I finish the day, and close the store.

I found my audio and video pieces but had to watch so much time-trash

Looking for audio and video material is always hard. It exposes to many luring things to watch and listen and read. It must be so hard to cut through he crap and go right to my objective of picking up what I need. But because I don’t know exactly where it is to be picked up, I have to watch and read and listen to so many different stuff.

A media researcher is a hard job. Doing those archive work of collecting the tits and bits that make someone contradict himself is not easy because you need great focus not to diverge your effort and energy from the right channel.

Even yesterday I ended up watching Justin Bieber roast, because I ran into so many videos and stuff. And of course I had to bump on something amazing in the media world.

So mission accomplished. I guess I had to watch all this shit in order to collect all this shit. It’s a must in this field.

I’m now also thinking that if I want to make daily videos I just try to do my videos in one take. Live. Like Saturday Night Live.

So yeah (Nathan style). Seriously life is so short and the world is so meaningless to worry about what others think. Seriously. Like I should worry if people like my un-edited video of myself filming.

I just did. I’m posting an edited video

You should do it because it’s inside you and you want to get it out there

This is a lot similar to my 3d modelling learning days.

I should go back and see where I made big mistakes, so I don’t repeat them.

But from memory, I remember that I was learning more than what I needed. I wasted a lot of time learning details that most haven’t been used afterwards.

I should also remember that even if I learn something and I don’t directly apply it. It will not remain in my memory. I will just know that I could go and source the knowledge from that particular place.

So in learning after effects I should just know what I;m trying to achieve and go straight to the point.

Like now, I want to make fumes, that burst and then go up very slowly. I know the "go up part" but still need to perfect the "burst" part. The option of holding in After Effect is doing the jo, but I need to configure the speed off the motion and that’s it.

Actually I should just leave it there and seek to control the speed of the motion.

I know that once I finish that bullshit video, I won’t automatically want to do another one. That’s why I should be ready for that. I know myself now much better than last year at this exact time.

That’s why I keep telling myself that daily videos of my thoughts, my readings should be here anyways and should be produced on a daily basis.

If you want to make a living from youtube you need to make upload so at least you have a chance in 5 years! You hear? But you should not do it so you can get a chance in 5 years. You should do it because it’s inside you. You want to get it out there.

On the way to putting out my first video

Ok I don’t upload today. I spent the whole day trying my first video out there.

I wasted too much on the audio part. Doing it over and over again. And it still doesn’t sound right to me. I have to listen better to others how they make their intonations.

I’m tired of listening to my own voice looping. I feeling like throwing up.

I still have to improve that skill. It a sprint that I just started and that I just finish.

I haven;t done anything else. Even the food has been disregarded today.

Ok let’s finish that thing tomorrow.

A day full of reading and listening that shifted my vision of things

Oh boy what a day. i knew something smelled wrong as soon as I started re-writing that audio-script doc.

It felt out of place when I read it. Out of place from the new vision and concept of producing a video on art. I wanted it to be personal, conversational, zero on the bullshit detector. But as I started replacing the wording and putting fancier phrases, I didn;t feel motivated anymore to read the "script" even if I had a good mic, and the tools to edit the audio. I knew that it should be on one take.

I knew that technology should be the least of my focus. What mattered is that appeared real to the youtube viewer. A one take audio on something meaningful to me. Something I would want to word and talk about anyway, for me to listen, like the video made by ira glass.

So I read and listened. Robert Greene, Sean D’Souza, FightMediocrity guy, Gary Keller, Casey Neistat, Paul Arden. About knowing oneself, story telling, youtube, target audience..

I did a lot of self-writing today, I found out that I should talk about what matters to me. What excites me. Finding that my skills to business and marketing can be applied to artists (like me).

And if I succeed in coming up with simple solution to marketing and business problem to a target of artist audience, they will read and watch my stuff. If I don’t come up with the right strategies, therefore I won’t be able to reach a sustainable minimal audience. So the Mathematical equation is self-clearing. And I should come up with a new equation, naming: a new solution.

In an a spirit to try to explain the concept above better. When I come up with a solution to a probem, a target audience have. If the solution to the problem for that target audience (a single hunt for a specific one rabbit) is accurate both on the problem, solution and target trifecta, then that means that I’m an expert on this and therefore I should be listened to. If something is off, so no audience for the stuff i’m doing is a well deserved outcome.

These 2 above paragraphs are just there for me to reassure myself that the "being an expert" or someone "people should listen to" or "have the experience" doesn’t have to worked on separately than my content I put out there. It’s integrated. It’s an included feature. So I don’t need to think about it separately.

Bottom line is: Forget your legitimacy to talk about the marketing and business subjects you intend to talk about. It is taken care of.

That that. I just have been doing this, there a lot interesting notes and self-writing. I also made my goal bigger to $10,000/month which I, weirdly enough, fell instantly better about working for it

let’s do something about this

Look.Let’s be honest. I am getting very minimalistic with my producing.

I did a little thing on my work today, just to count it as "done something today too". Do I need to change that and get the shit done. Or relax, enjoy the ride and when feeling good about doing it, achieving a great chunk on it.

The phase I’m on right now in my project is making the audio, for my animated video. I want to tell a story about impressionism, and because people relate to stories more than anything (Noah Kagan selling his car), I want to make my youtube video as a story.

Why am I blocking on making the audio? I think that part of it is that I’ve never done something like that before. Hearing my voice telling a story is weird, although I must admit less weird than I expected.

Also, I want to be in total quiet, far from people that "might hear me", as it somewhat makes me feel insecure. I had the excuse of low quality mic. Now I have a better quality microphone, so I check that off.

What else is blocking from making an audio story of the impressionists? Well I felt that my script on Word has become more and more literary, and gets away from being a conversation.

Maybe I should just try recording the story without reading anything, just from the top of my head. With some bullet points. I’m sure Tim Ferriss does that when he presents his podcasts and record his ads.

Also, I feel I’m in a transition, I want to move from the red room where I work right now to a more isolated room downstairs. The noise and the presence of my sister doesn’t make me comfortable.

That’s pretty much it. Other than that I spent 10 hours numbing my mind from thinking about the above by playing video game.

To simply put it.

Also, the chocolate cakes during the day are not helping. And willpower will not help during the day.

Let’s remain positive. Let’s drip tomorrow and do something about this.

achieved goals and pushed further with the day to enhance my structure

Have I achieved my day goals? yes.

I’m quiet satisfied. Woke up early, did what I had to do. I have my videos as .mov, I need to learn how to edit on Premiere to go further, I’m intending to upload the video on Youtube on the next 4 days. The audio and editing wouldn’t need to take more than that.

Regarding my tracking system, the excel tracker should be about recording the sequence of activities, that Manic cannot record. When it comes to precise computer, and even sometimes, away time ManicTime does the job pretty well. What I need, in addition to that, with the objective of being able to replicate a sequence of activities to reach my well being, sense of productivity and achieving my objective. I would need to have those activities listed in order of "been done".

I decide that after a well productive day, I’d play some gaming, I’m still unsure how gaming affects my brain and activities, some of them seem to be enhanced because these are challenges that need reflection, some thinking, planning, keeping a present mind, and chill during presure. The other effect are evident, tiredness. Like if I have done some straining brain games, or math problems.

I’ll go to sleep now.

Tomorrow, I want to develop my tracking of sequences idea and see how I can build a tool for recording my set of activities in sequence. Other than that, I would need to know how to cut videos, slow down and speed up the frame rate. Then I would need to record the audio (maybe before I start editing, while I adjust the frame rate speed of the video)

I actually produced in pomodoro technique, going for 10 kettlebell swings on every 5 min break. I felt compelled to do the swing I did 3 sets and felt ham and fesse muscle pain, in a good way.

Great full producing day

Honestly I’m proud of myself today. I completed the 4 remaining scenes by 5.30 pm.

I actually woke up by 5.45 am and successfully succeeded in standing up. I followed that rule that imposed on myself, if I’m awake in the morning it’s time to get up. No time spent in covered under the sheets or watching things on my laptop when I wake up. Straight to production as soon as my eyes are open.

I wasn’t convinced that I would be done with the scenes by today. It’s good to fix goals. You can progress in anything if you haven’t set a goal priory. I need to have a daily checklist instead of tracking them on the Excel. Like"

Did you do your ab exercise?
Have meditated?
How you been grateful?
Have you reviewed your "what will make my today great" by the end of the day.
Have you eaten sugar?
Have done Pull ups?
Have you been nice?
Have you laughed?
Have you set a goal for tomorrow?
Do you have a goal set for next Friday (or whatever the day)?

Also today, I did not hesitate and went to the forest as soon as I felt that the weather was surprisingly nice. Listened to a bunch of podcast. It got me into the mindset. The mixergy and Tim Ferriss is crucial to my wellbeing and getting back on the right track. By know what these people do I get the spirit back with the motivation.

Ok, tomorrow. I want to review my whole videoscribe, make sure I have a "pre-audio" script ready to know how long, although that’s not crucial, I should be able to hold the animation on Adobe Premiere, which I setup earlier this evening.

Just the animation looking right with a standard time space between them, I will modify all the timing anyway when I do the audio.

Good! let’s go to sleep! (with the highest excitement. It surely will make sleeping harder)

I’ve got a plan for next week, let’s put last week behind us and focus positively

The day was ok. Not fabulous. I’ve managed better days. I’m kind of disoriented, still you might say…

Look, there is no ‘declic’ to wait for. You decide what to do, set deadlines and do the work. You can’t become a slave of external influences.

You have built a momentum and it is time for you to exploit it.

Yes you have your tracking system up and running, with one button click you have your stats of how you spend your days. But what for, If not for the better enhancement of the quality of your days on earth.

Look, you can listen and read a lot of advice. But I’m in this feeling now that I have plenty of advice to follow already.

I’m on the phase of following the advice I have collected over the last few months. Yes it’s refreshing to hear about fellow entrepreneurs, it’s makes me more energetic and wanting to keep on track towards the mountain.

I need to focus on the mountain faraway. I’m enjoying the walk, the hike, etc. But I need to do and complete my daily steps. It’s still faraway and the journey is so long and so enjoyable that I want to experience more of it. I can’t just stay in the same place. I need to discover more of the road.

By Friday I want to have my FightMediocrity similar video published to the world. I need to ship. That’s a big kill that I know I can animate by Tuesday, Audio and Arrange by Friday.

The surfing will be minimized and intensified.

The truth is that I’m not super happy about the last week. I won’t mark it in the top weeks hall of fame. Maybe it’s because I have no track of it. And maybe that if I read back the gratefulness I wrote every day I would feel better, now, about it.

Ok I have a plan for the next 5 days. My health is not optimal neither. Some remaining backpain and the ingurgitation of carbs on a daily basis doesn;t make feel good.

But I’m grateful I can still walk, and in an acceptable shape.