And I came across Deep Work

Well, some things will change here…

If it’s not helping what I intend to Deep Work on, I don’t do it.

I intend to Deep work on my writing skills and make my writing more compelling. Therefore, excessive writing tasks are not intense enough to yield valuable results.

My goal is to have valuable and rare results.

I originally journaled because I felt it freed me a little bit from the day. But this is not a focused journal. If it were a journal about how I’m progressing on my Deep Work, like I scoreboard, then it would be helpful.

Otherwise, all of the self-writing that alleviates my brain processing of thought is much being done on my Notepad on Excel. It’s timed and easily accessible.

If it doesn’t help turn my writing into compelling writing, then I don’t do it. That’s the rule for the next weeks, at least.


Focus on the concept of writing

If I want to become a better writer, not only I should keep reading, not only I should keep writing, but it will get even better if I understand people more.

Seeing through people is a quality many writers have. They distill traits and character of people they have come across. They see them in such a rich way that they become intensely creative when they describe them.

But you don’t have to be describing people if you want to become a writer. You can describe concepts. Find rich metaphors. Explore analogy and how some principles are universal to different fields.

I’m trying to become I better writer. I guess the best way to practice is to take risks. There is literary nothing to lose.

I’m spending my day reading and learning principles that I believe I should bear in mind for any future endeavor. Taking risk is one of the principles. Deep understanding of what others want is another.

I’m discovering all of that, so I’m trying to navigate through the wisdom. There are parts that I should try now, and other advice that I can go back to afterwards.

But finding who would listen is the first step. Understanding worldviews of others. And searching for value that can be created.

Just keep on researching, or just in mind that there a tribes that need you, and there are tribes that want you to lead them.

Basically what I try to do here is to focus on something that is of interest to me and that people want to learn about. The concept of writing is quite a good match for now.

Writing for a tribe instead

Hello again. i wrote almost everything on the other daily blogs.

I feel that my need to write is a monster eating all my energy reserves.

I should cut that out to the 20% that needs such energy.

The thing with this type of journalling is that I don;t need to research anything. I just tell my story. That’s why it is so enjoyable. And 20% blog should be the same: enjoyable.

I should not be feeling "oh crap, I have to create value to this people again"

I trust Seth Godin when he says that he enjoyed working on businesses that work more that on businesses that failed but he enjoyed working one. Buyakacha!

I nee to restrain, focus and make it count. What I’m doing right now doesn’t count, in term of 2050 goal, but it more counts for the long long term self-reflection. I’m not sure I’m helping anybody with this. I’m not sure that I’m helping myself.

But this writing feels quick though, I don’t feel it like a pain. Although there is good reason to believe that it’s pumping my energy.

This can turn to be a navel-gazing daily exercise, even if I do a lot of those already. I don’t know it doesn’t seem reasonable.

But what will I be replacing this with? Not sure… I’m not sure which tribe I want to cater. I have to find out. If I frame an activity that is more pertinent to my 2050 goal, then priorities will take order. This will vanish to be replaced by a more "catering" writing.

just write about the problem and process the load out of your brain

I didn’t progress much on drawing those fumes on my bullshit animation.

I have no idea how to draw them. I have tried something, but didn’t look nice. So I just stopped. Through web browsing I understood that I have limiting beliefs with regards to my drawing abilities. So there is room for improvement. But to be honnest, I don’t know where to start.

Instead of looking at this as a weakness, let’s adopt the opportunity perspective. Anything I learn can be part of the hallmark brand I can teach.

I can learn by teaching when it comes to drawing. Isn’t that ironic!

I also about dividing that monstruous task of drawing what I want to draw into small minuature tasks. Like if I want to draw fumes out of that shit. What I can start with?

I can just draw some animation of early mid and end-result. Even that I struggle with. Because I maybe can draw the early frame, but not sure of how the latest frame of a fume should look like. Or even can look like.

I can google clipart image and see what is end result.

See.. There is some potential in what I did. I just found an "end-result" clipart of a fume that I liked. And I worked from there. Reverse drawingt he animation because I believe I should start from the most prominent drawing in the animation. In this case it’s the fume before it dissipates in the air.

Once again, self-writing crystalizes my thinking and makes me objectively discuss an obstructing problem in that my mind couldn’t process.

It’s like a load off my brain that I reprocess in a more methodical manner.

Ok to sleep. I’m grateful I have these medicines next to me in case my tooth wakes me up with pain.

Taking up the battle of daily text production

Today was an ok day. Not deserving a judgment anyway.

I just thought out what I should do. And that means focusing on what I’m good at already. I’m good at reading and discovering ideas. I’m energetic about thinking up concepts and finding a new way of looking at something. I enjoy listening and learning from the wisdom of others.

Look there are plenty of books out there, and no one can talk about them all. If someone like Fightmediocrity is trying something like that, he needs help. Because there is so much more to show the world.

I will not be the same person if I haven’t read the books I’ve read. And most these authors wouldn’t have written those books if they haven;t read their other books. So that’s my project. My work. My art.

Where I’m good at and can enjoy being better at it. That’s where I can make a difference in the world. Of course I need thankyou notes so I can survive doing it. But that’s not essential.

I’d like to read that book about Debt actually. Knowing that money has been created just people needed to keep record the debt of what each one has makes the whole money thing chance significantly for me.

Will I reread when I write? I doubt it. It needs to remain true and authentic.
When do I need to start? Tomorrow. Saturday 13 Feb. I think that almost the same date I started isnotagame. Just jump on self writing after listening to maybe an audiobook or just write something straight out of your mind.

It doesn’t have to be long and you know that.

Ok so you know what you’re doing tomorrow morning. Apart from that. Yes I’m leaving the animated cartoons as a labor of love which I do when, and only when, I enjoy doing it. I’m professional when it comes to producing text on a daily basis. That’s game I want to play. That’s the battle that I chose.

A review of my video project approach so far. and organizing my self-writing

At least this morning I started by recording that audio. The best is to self-write, and that generally arises after I read an insightful book. Then when my self-writing is natural enough. I just read, maybe twice or thrice, in order to make my voice recording more natural.

And now I’m thinking about batching the audio records and batching the animation/visual work on the different recorded audios.

Most of the energy I guess is just on listening my voice and then drawing and making the ideas into visuals.

I think it’s easier to start if the visuals come BEFORE my text.

That’s something to think about. I can read and just look how visual this can be. I draw it and then i can work on the text around it. Which might be just a reformulation of the concept I read.

One thing for certain. Is that reading books I want to read and taking notes of what I find as an "aha" moment is something that I don’t think I will loose. The thrill will probably be gone. But I truly enjoy reading and learning LIFE concepts and skills.

I can certainly give advice on how to do things. Like how to develop a habit for example. I think I have successfully done several times.

I separated myself for the dog I took care of today. Because it wasn;t my decision to bring it home. I just had to take of him because I felt the more capable to do it in my house.

I feel that there are several moments, that are short but intense, where I’m deep. During my day. Like this morning when I answered: "What do I want?" There was some strong opinions expressed there. About leaving that I did not choose to be surrounded by.

I also went I read myself almost from one year ago. I cared too much about others. What they thought of me. I’m glad to know today that I’m not that anymore. See that’s why self-writing helps. It just need to be organized and rightly categorized so I can go back to it, easily anytime I want.

A provisional summary of my last 2 years: The Mammooth in the room

It’s ridiculous! A striking thought came to mind.

Everytime I get asked: "What are the things that you spend your time on? What do you enjoy doing on a Saturday afternoon? What would you do anyway? What are your interests" I list all different activities like: playing chess, learning languages, reading about art, …

How often did I play chess, read a blog about art by choice, and learn a language by choice? Not much compared to the Mammooth activity

The Mammooth in the room is that I keep MOST of my time:

1 – READING BOOKS, I especially enjoy the books that explain the past and give insight about what might happen in the future, books that are persuading about a vision of life, not much the How-to books, more like "finding a meaning" books. Listening to podcast fall in that category.

2 – Self-Writing philosophical ideas, thoughts, distilling concept in my mind, finding meaning in life, understanding human behaviour.

3 – Then comes the category of smaller "depaysing" activities I do: Programming, Guitar playing, Illustrator/Photoshop/Video/Audio producing.

And that’s it. None of that other crap. Although I had a ton of "Self-improvement" business ideas, I just ignored them and tried 3d modeling and some other stuff like that. But to be honest. I knew In Sep 5 2015 that ideally I should pursue an idea that I know people would enjoy using and be the first user.

I just didn’t apply it. I don’t know why and how it happened. The good news is that with my tracking, I can know exactly what happened to me, my behaviour at that time.

Look I’ve progressed in a lot of things. I read for pleasure these days, I’m definitely calmer and relaxed than 2 years ago. I’m more present and can handle high-speed-emotional situations better. My understanding of life, my purpose, the meaning of humans as a specie, the problems that many beginners like me encounter (Too many options…that’s why they worship gurus that give them directives, and love being told what to do exactly even if it’s not for them). I learned that an idea can be good, but necessarily good for me. I have a better understanding of how the internet (the computer and wires) work. The place of money in all of this. How to have habits. The value of self-writing. The value of surrounding yourself with 5 average people of your choice. (How to choose your 5 average people even if you are in a remote place on the planet, we don;t all live in silicon valley). The great advantage with producing little tiny things but making it as a daily habit.

All little things that add up to a better self. Today.

It came to a loop. I watched a Ramit video I had on my hard drive and was wondering why in the hell I was listening to these RankXL and Backlinko and NichePursuits guys. Yes because of I’m faced with too many options. And end up choosing many. Success comes not thanks to the numerous things we do, but despite the numerous things we do. It should be ONE thing at a time.

Produced greatly first half, Almost perfect second half besides the useless overreaching during the evening, especially without a midday rest

Most of of the time I notice that the overreaching and wanting to achieve more in a day is not a very effective strategy.

When I just wake I’m at full potential. I learn and apply myself to do great efficient and effective work. During the last part of the day, and mostly the evening, I get ideas, some energy,and motivation, specifically after listening to podcast and reading books and stuff, so I try to achieve as good things. But it’s generally wasted energy.

I get confused and waste so much time and effort in things that have great chances to be achieved quickly the next morning when I wake up. And that situation finds a good reference for other high-achievers. They referred to not needing to overreach and take a rest.

The idea is to work intensely but for short period of time.

Other than that I have understood and learned about design and software and tools for the youtube video.

I also wrote the bulk story for the Impressionists. Felt good. I should have ended my day by noon I guess, and thought about spending the remaining differently.

Actually I did that I had great lunch and a wonderful funky guitar session. I feel that today I learn how to strum one string at a time.


Css is done, I’m good to go for what’s next

Let me lecture you something brother. Discipline is everything. You can have wonderful days achieving wonderful things, but if you can’t pull out positive, productive days, CONSISTENTLY, you can’t make it.

You start when you said you start and you finish when you set to finish. There is no improv, winging in that. Thank you.

So, of course I pulled out a great day today. Now that I’m just trying to remember if I’ve done everything I said I would today, I don’t know if it’s all done; the "*Finish design Css once and for all. Forever!"

Well now that I have looked. I did finish that. The only thing is the Photoshopping a Logo. Otherwise, the image aligning is thrown away and the .Svg timeline or png, is part of writing the article.

A total of 28 pts. I believe the next step is writing the second pillar article, smartly. The image and excerpt enhancement should come along with the proofreading part.

As it is smarter to run the whole process at once before looping back to another article. I should lay all the steps that an article goes through including, seo, excerpt, images layout, etc.

I believe that writing about famous artist, then famous painting is of use. It is at the core of the Artist Musings project.

So that’s what’s next. I’m somehow less excited about waking up tomorrow and read and write about famous artists. But if you think about it you’ll write about the 4 Modern Masters, at least. So Dali is interesting to you, Picasso is interesting too. Matisse is admirable and Warhol is actual. I believe I can sort that out, in a day.

I’d also like to read. Kimmelmann book seems to be an "in-time" and I’d like to spend some "working hours" reading about something interesting to me.

So 5 readings are interesting to me. Dali, Picasso blue pink periods, Matisse, Warhol, Kimmelmann. And as a supplement writing, I already know about Van Gogh. it seems that I have my bulk text already.

Ok, I know what I’m doing tomorrow.

See, I now know why what happened. I forgot to be grateful, "in writing" today and remind myself how focus with my energy and persistent with my discipline I should be.

When it comes to web dev, I achieved more than I planned. But felt it after 3 hrs

I achieved 32 scrum pts today, with ease I believe. It wasn’t as nerve-wracking as bulking text, proofreading or leaning text.

I don’t say that reading about art was nerve-wracking as such but it was more tiring that what I did with css and web tweaking. I don’t know why.

Maybe the 32 pts were overestimated. Maybe not. We’ll know with more Scrum plans and results. Other than that, it interesting how things that look complicated in "web development" becomes evident in an instant, maybe I have a sense of this. Something within me, I don’t know.

But let’s not be stupid and keep our focus. I wish I could look at today more deeply and examine what happened over the minutes.Fortunately I have that in-time calendar in which I write what I do, while I do it. I can go back and have a look, and maybe come up with further findings.

Also let’s be honest and say that I felt right from the start, like in the 3rd hour or so, that the whole web dev can take up to 2 days and not more. The whole 75 scrum points felt senseless.

But I had bread and butter, that’s why. I’m carb high at the moment and need to sleep.