The power of habits instead of willpower Experiment

Here I am. With more ideas than ever. Excitement regained. I couldn’t make sense of yesterday. I was in a plateau, I am in a plateau. I’m enjoying the plateau.

Project are waiting for me. And a common theme is that they will be accompanied with a daily progress log. Deadlines there will be. But the goal is another thing: to not break the chain.

It’s more of a commitment than a goal. My projects have no end in perspective. Just daily progress toward higher watermarks.

I shall record my movements and make it a learning journey, all along.

But I should be smart about it. No crazy objectives. Just measurable and achievable ambitions. First one and only objective: To stick to the practice. Forever. Until there is no more practice. And that’s hard to conceive.

I’ve got all of that from Mastery by George Leonard. I made sense of it. And will try to make the most of its teachings. Yes I have projects in mind regarding that youtube chrome extension. "Putting back the "you" in youtube", a second practice is to write. Influence. Operate mechanisms of power. Draw attention. Trigger emotions with words. That a challenge worth taking.

I can try and test this wordsmith-ness anywhere.

I’m bursting with excitement, but I know that excitement depletes in about 1 to 2 days. But what comes next are habit formations. And that’s where my strengths are. If I have proven something over the course of the past 2 years, it’s developing the habits that I still have today.

And look at me. I haven’t broken the chain.

Another thing I learned: Using anger.

The adrenaline rush, the energy, into some form of effort. It can be physical (pull-ups/push-ups/planks/swings/squats) or it can be directed toward the practice of not breaking the chain. The habit building.

I will also experiment with flipping my day and see how it goes. Instead of doing things first thing in the morning, generally thanks to willpower. I will completely disregard willpower for the more tranquil power of habits. My habits are generally strong when they are during the end of the day, before I go to sleep. So I will just vagabond and surf in the morning and look forward to get my habits done before I finish the day, and close the store.


let’s do something about this

Look.Let’s be honest. I am getting very minimalistic with my producing.

I did a little thing on my work today, just to count it as "done something today too". Do I need to change that and get the shit done. Or relax, enjoy the ride and when feeling good about doing it, achieving a great chunk on it.

The phase I’m on right now in my project is making the audio, for my animated video. I want to tell a story about impressionism, and because people relate to stories more than anything (Noah Kagan selling his car), I want to make my youtube video as a story.

Why am I blocking on making the audio? I think that part of it is that I’ve never done something like that before. Hearing my voice telling a story is weird, although I must admit less weird than I expected.

Also, I want to be in total quiet, far from people that "might hear me", as it somewhat makes me feel insecure. I had the excuse of low quality mic. Now I have a better quality microphone, so I check that off.

What else is blocking from making an audio story of the impressionists? Well I felt that my script on Word has become more and more literary, and gets away from being a conversation.

Maybe I should just try recording the story without reading anything, just from the top of my head. With some bullet points. I’m sure Tim Ferriss does that when he presents his podcasts and record his ads.

Also, I feel I’m in a transition, I want to move from the red room where I work right now to a more isolated room downstairs. The noise and the presence of my sister doesn’t make me comfortable.

That’s pretty much it. Other than that I spent 10 hours numbing my mind from thinking about the above by playing video game.

To simply put it.

Also, the chocolate cakes during the day are not helping. And willpower will not help during the day.

Let’s remain positive. Let’s drip tomorrow and do something about this.

Counterbalancing and focusing on the ONE thing

Yes I believe that what the ONE thing book is true.

If I focus on only achieving ONE thing, the Extreme Pareto One thing that yield most of the result, then it becomes effortless. Instead of self-discipline, habit is more powerful and durable. Instead of believing in the myth of balanced work and life, I should work toward counterbalancing my work and life activities.

Like the rope walker, a tit on the right, a tit on the left. It certainly gives the illusion that he is balanced on his rope, but in fact is more counterbalancing his diverging movement to right and left.

I believe that I have my ONE thing. I enjoy Art, and it’s something I can read and write about, not endlessly, but I can see myself doing that for the next 5 years to say the least.

Think of how art is wonderful illustration of life philosophies, that the remains of ancient civilizations and human life can to some degree speak of their daily life, but their art relates their daily dreams, and beliefs, and philosophies.

Think about how art and the economics of art so related and at the same time so taboo to match or talk about. How art and money and related, and how money, something I spent few years studying can be approached from the Art industry and starving artist point of view. The point of view that shows that there is no art without money. I don’t know about money without art.

I dripped for 20 minutes today. I spent most of it reading the ONE thing and then working on tracking myself effortlessly, using ManicTime (at last).

It has become easier to track myself now. Ironically, I just learned if I do the most important ONE thing in a day, I don’t need to track myself for the rest of the day. From the moment I do the most important ONE thing, I don’t need to really if I spent the rest of the time surfing, wasting time, playing. I would become like Frank Underwood, pulling strings in congress and playing videogames by night.

I just need to re-simplify my day, like how I lived in Tangier. I will try a smaller, more ghetto form of it tomorrow, moving to 1st floor downstairs.

Hopefully that will yield to full focus and concentration of effort, then to relaxed time upstairs once I’m done with doing the most important ONE thing.