I’m on the right path, the simplified one

Here we are.

You are the 4 account I’m writing on. There is certainly a lot of writing. But I think it’s good. Because I asking questions from different angles. I just feel tired doing it now because I spent the afternoon bingeing on the only series I watch…And will ever watch.

Seriously. This seems pointless. I just want to liberate my brain from the stress of knowing that I missed watching that season. I though "well, one day a year wouldn’t hurt".

It actually physically does. It hurts my brain. And I don’t know why. Just of fear of missing out. That’s evident.

Oh well, let;s get this over with.

other than that, I did find my first burning pain. I expressed an interesting point about my last 2 years and how i changed.

How I had no marks when I started. Why Noah Kagan course didn’t help me. How I radically changed all my activities therefore making me have few interests, and few places that I can leverage for information, for burning pain research, for knowing a niche I can cater,

But after all this time. I developed and got deeper in my then-new interest. I know what is building websites, SEO, the entrepreneurs community. I also read a lot more. I saw businesses go up. I programmed, I exercised. I saw what it’s like to fail on a business idea. But got up. And for the first time, re-starting the loop over again.

So I’m on the right path. I feel confident. Especially that I massively reduced and simplified my days.

The only thing that I feel it’s urgent to setup. Is weekly goals. Adopt a weekly vision of my progress, I don’t have activities that I do "every week". I failed to develop that. I can do daily habits, but haven’t succeeded at weekly habits. But I’m sure I will come up with something.


On failing faster, and expecting some time before results

Focusing on one thing at a time may be not "human" but I don’t recall expressing satisfaction on multiple projects at a time.

I’m happy with my work when it consisted of one specific objective I’ve been working towards for the previous days, or weeks.

Spent the day trying to come up with an objective. Finding a new route toward next objective. I must fail faster than this. It becomes easier when you know it doesn;t work this way.

You may believing in your project, in the effort you put in. But let’s not be romantic and just get it to face the adversity of the elements. Build the project. Ship it to the realms of the universe, and wait for that echo sound…."FAIL !"

I start to believe when I hear Seneca saying great leaps only happen overtime. Mastery according to George Leonard happens in small bursts of improvements that add up overtime. And James Alutcher explaining that you should expect results, if any, only after 5 years.

The details may be wrong, but let’s agree that the above are three examples, over 2 millennia, that came across today stating that it takes time to truly sink in the wisdom into your subconscious.

28,000 days. That’s what you have left to live. So think about what was great today and continue thinking of what will make the day great tomorrow.

At least I delivered some thoughts. Written down so gratefulness. Assembled a video log (yes video log). And learned a bit more. Not enough to feel accomplished today but let’s trust the process of wisdom sinking within you over time.

I want to write this, I feel good every time I do: "The professional masters how and leave what and why to the Gods"

Let’s keep honing the skills. The skills to better express myself

This a lot of content I am producing out in one day.

Am I trying new things? Yes. Am I just staying busy? Probably. There is a chance.

I enjoyed editing this video. Surprised when it was a vlog of 22 min. I did take a lot of footage. Trying a different thing: long form.

We’ll see what happens.

As I said in the vlog. I have decided that I don’t want to teach. Per se. I’m more like wanting to express myself. Like Seth Godin, Casey. Ferriss. I don;t really want to have a course. It’s not that I don;t really want. I’d love the easy money from packaging a product and making a course.

But I should keep my focus in doing something I love and enjoy.

But most importantly. What I found eye opening today was that I need to understand the people that I want to add value to in a deep sense. Maybe more than they do themselves. Like when I helped Tato. I knew exactly what he was after. I knew exactly what he desired from his trip to London. And I gave him exactly that. And he enjoyed knowing as friend.

Need to keep up animating. Expressing. Reading, Honing the skills.

The Nathan for you way

I’m happy with today. I had an idea this morning and now I sleep tonight with all work done on it. Just the time for the videos to upload.

teaching filmmaking, but the "Nathan for you" way. Is it legal? We will find out.

I worked just on that. I recorded myself while doing it. Let me just record myself now, now that I’m waiting for the upload to finish, or leave it for the night uploading the whole videos. But it’s pretty much all done.

So I vlogged. All good maybe watch that animation…or not. Just 70s show, Futurama or Simpsons and I’ll be fine to go to sleep.

I found my audio and video pieces but had to watch so much time-trash

Looking for audio and video material is always hard. It exposes to many luring things to watch and listen and read. It must be so hard to cut through he crap and go right to my objective of picking up what I need. But because I don’t know exactly where it is to be picked up, I have to watch and read and listen to so many different stuff.

A media researcher is a hard job. Doing those archive work of collecting the tits and bits that make someone contradict himself is not easy because you need great focus not to diverge your effort and energy from the right channel.

Even yesterday I ended up watching Justin Bieber roast, because I ran into so many videos and stuff. And of course I had to bump on something amazing in the media world.

So mission accomplished. I guess I had to watch all this shit in order to collect all this shit. It’s a must in this field.

I’m now also thinking that if I want to make daily videos I just try to do my videos in one take. Live. Like Saturday Night Live.

So yeah (Nathan style). Seriously life is so short and the world is so meaningless to worry about what others think. Seriously. Like I should worry if people like my un-edited video of myself filming.

I just did. I’m posting an edited video

I should focus on making book gems videos. They’re more speaking to me now.

I’m always by 2 conflicting emotions. The one that screams "I need to make money to get away from these people" and the one that says "You can only make money by doing something you enjoy". There is no money making in the long-term if the focus is actually on making money.

So what can I do? The first option is to reduce drastically the contact with people that judge while I save my time and energy to focus on what matters to me, which is: finding something that I enjoy that makes money.

The thing to which you say "I can’t believe I get paid to do that" or "I could do it for free, if I’m not thinking long-term".

That’s one.

Two. I thing I still have an advantage in reading and distilling ideas to their essence, and I believe people need me to that for them. Explaining the books I read to them. Saving them time and energy. Because not everybody has the persistence of reading text and saving time for audiobooks, but they will still benefit from gems in books they heard about.

That’s it. I’m happy I’m trying to animate. I found After Effects as a program that is closer to Illustrator and Photoshop so I can get along with it much more easily.

Tomorrow I will finish that animation of fumes getting out of the shit and see how move to the next animation of the stereo bursting with fumes then pundit sounds.

Regarding my reading. I enjoy early morning reading and audiobook listening. Mastery from Robert Greene. I feel that I can read more, and spend more time listening and getting within the environment that I should to be part of.

Let’s have a goal. I will decide on a format and do another 1 week vlog post about my readings.Either it will be with face talking, From the "inventory stock warehouse". Or making nice animations, with maybe after effects, or after effects and my face at the same time with words and shapes poping next to my head while talking.

Taking up the battle of daily text production

Today was an ok day. Not deserving a judgment anyway.

I just thought out what I should do. And that means focusing on what I’m good at already. I’m good at reading and discovering ideas. I’m energetic about thinking up concepts and finding a new way of looking at something. I enjoy listening and learning from the wisdom of others.

Look there are plenty of books out there, and no one can talk about them all. If someone like Fightmediocrity is trying something like that, he needs help. Because there is so much more to show the world.

I will not be the same person if I haven’t read the books I’ve read. And most these authors wouldn’t have written those books if they haven;t read their other books. So that’s my project. My work. My art.

Where I’m good at and can enjoy being better at it. That’s where I can make a difference in the world. Of course I need thankyou notes so I can survive doing it. But that’s not essential.

I’d like to read that book about Debt actually. Knowing that money has been created just people needed to keep record the debt of what each one has makes the whole money thing chance significantly for me.

Will I reread when I write? I doubt it. It needs to remain true and authentic.
When do I need to start? Tomorrow. Saturday 13 Feb. I think that almost the same date I started isnotagame. Just jump on self writing after listening to maybe an audiobook or just write something straight out of your mind.

It doesn’t have to be long and you know that.

Ok so you know what you’re doing tomorrow morning. Apart from that. Yes I’m leaving the animated cartoons as a labor of love which I do when, and only when, I enjoy doing it. I’m professional when it comes to producing text on a daily basis. That’s game I want to play. That’s the battle that I chose.

Sniffing more of what I like and less of what I don’t (ebooks, reading/listening, writing, audio recording)

It’s my 2nd day in which I just recorded audio, without making visuals. I’m still believing that there is a a way to make my visual or the medium in which I put the text and audio more enjoyable for me to make.

I refuse to believe for now that I should do something even if I don’t fully enjoy. I believe in Hell Yeah or no. Making the drawings with my audio is not a complete Hell yeah.

But let’s agree that I got better at recording my voice. After 2 or 3 out loud recorded reading I make better record of my voice. It sounds more natural. There is less edit. And I must say. It’s has become a bit more enjoyable. I mean the audio part.

Regarding the visuals. I don’t know yet about that. I find it painful to use videoscribe. It’s not intuitive. Maybe if there is something in Adobe it would be easier. I don’t know if I should just maybe record my face while talking.

What is certain is that enjoy listening and reading books. That’s for sure. Maybe not reading the books, by strictly finishing one then moving to another. But more like consider the text as solid blog post and the audio as some 1-2 hrs podcast at a time.

I’m taking the wisdom of the others and slowly making it my own.

At least I know what I enjoy more. And where I should sniff more toward to.

A review of my video project approach so far. and organizing my self-writing

At least this morning I started by recording that audio. The best is to self-write, and that generally arises after I read an insightful book. Then when my self-writing is natural enough. I just read, maybe twice or thrice, in order to make my voice recording more natural.

And now I’m thinking about batching the audio records and batching the animation/visual work on the different recorded audios.

Most of the energy I guess is just on listening my voice and then drawing and making the ideas into visuals.

I think it’s easier to start if the visuals come BEFORE my text.

That’s something to think about. I can read and just look how visual this can be. I draw it and then i can work on the text around it. Which might be just a reformulation of the concept I read.

One thing for certain. Is that reading books I want to read and taking notes of what I find as an "aha" moment is something that I don’t think I will loose. The thrill will probably be gone. But I truly enjoy reading and learning LIFE concepts and skills.

I can certainly give advice on how to do things. Like how to develop a habit for example. I think I have successfully done several times.

I separated myself for the dog I took care of today. Because it wasn;t my decision to bring it home. I just had to take of him because I felt the more capable to do it in my house.

I feel that there are several moments, that are short but intense, where I’m deep. During my day. Like this morning when I answered: "What do I want?" There was some strong opinions expressed there. About leaving that I did not choose to be surrounded by.

I also went I read myself almost from one year ago. I cared too much about others. What they thought of me. I’m glad to know today that I’m not that anymore. See that’s why self-writing helps. It just need to be organized and rightly categorized so I can go back to it, easily anytime I want.

Making the video making a habit

I did my dues. I feel that I’m enjoying the part of reading and bursting my ideas. Of course I can work on them to make them more natural. But it’s ok.

Also, it;s all written. I’d love to have some more poignant visuals. But hey, let’s just build the habit that’s we’re working towards.

I feel like these days here are only about holding until I’m free again in Tangier. I know that projecting on a better future is not good. So I’m refraining from thinking so. And trying to make the most of my day. The most of my time here. The most of my life.

The idea of Mastery that I watched FightMediocrity talking about is just perfect sense to me. No one just jumps from zero to high level overnight. It comes with step floor of leveling ups. Somehow this can only be illustrated with a picture. And that’s what I need to think about if I need visuals on my videos. Things that can ONLY be explained by a picture. Because words can do the job. It;s just that sometimes, the words are not precise enough to explain everything as easily.

So that’s that. I’m minimalistic. Controlling my mornings only. I’m more laid back with the rest of my time. Although I wish I read and learned, Video games take a lot of time in my day.

I’m focus on making the vlogging a habit. Because the thrill will be gone anyways at some point.