Just a keyboard and a screen that’s all I’ll need

Just the notion that I just need a keyboard, a screen and internet connection to live a full life is so relieving.

I can be anywhere. Doesn’t matter what powerful technology I have, it is just incremental improvement on my scale of comfort. And I don’t need more comfort. Especially if I want to live a rich life.

That means that the worst that can happen is actually not that bad. Me in a corner with an old laptop and my eagerness to learn.

Placing the words, choosing the sentences and setting the rhythm.

I spent most of the day reading, again. Originally as a form of sloth, but then the quality of wisdom I came across made me get up.

Yes, it’s all about value creation. People have some form of hassle in their lives that they want to get rid of. I’m here to see what I can do. Some of their problems are piece of cake for others. The work lies in matching the two sides.

That’s it really. I feel I bit self-conscious now that I’m writing this. But I just spent the day reading and learning and trying to follow the advice.

Of course advice can be good but not necessarily good for you.

Also I got control of youtube. No more related videos that lure me into the black hole of time. itube now.


The superb gratification of helping others with my ideas and directives

it’s pretty much said in the vlog. Yes I can use that word now.

I express myself differently over there. It’s interesting. I do things here and there for myself and solely for myself.

I don’t what’s the value in doing these, but I’m sure some value is to be taken.

Talking about value, I restarted Ramit’s course. And that mindset of getting money for "creating value" is now more pertinent. As it’s not a same size pie. I CREATE value. If I do nothing, that means this value will not be there. Money is for CREATE value. Keep in mind that. You are not stealing from no one.

I successfully uploaded a udemy course, yes I can do that in a day now. If there were a system of every now and then I will set up a course, the law of LARGE NUMBERS would certainly play in my favor.

But this whole course is just on the side. Of course, I’m not sure if it helps when it comes to thinking ONE thing. I diverging my energy here.

But ultimately I’m doing these as exercises to use the video and audio tools I have. I practive and get faster and getting things done with them. yes, I’m building skills.

Ultimately, I know what I want ideally. Express my thoughts my ideas, and people listening to them. Taking my advice. It’s so gratifying. Like when I coached Tato find that superb work in a bar while he had no experience. I took him from scratch. Built his CV, walked with him, coached him what to say. He thought I was nice. But I was thining I was nice, but I felt a sense of gratification much greater than anything I felt before. Even Pilar, my ex-girlfriend I reminisce the time when I helped here with her English. And Linda when I gave her all the listing of art galleries and art prospects she could have. In one night. And the other people that I helped achieving what they wanted to achieve.

I should go back to my facebook conversation and see what I was enjoying talking about. Maybe I will be just looking for comfirmation of my bias thta I have right now. But that’s fine. I feel that it’s finally the time where I’m stronger than my past. And the book Sapiens helped me a lot in getting that perspective.

Helping others with you directives and advice is so gratifying. And my nugget idea lies in doing so. You hear me Ramit?

Goals is not a primal thing in homo-sapiens. that’s what’s James Alutcher said in that quora post. Such a relief so no goal setting. I know that at least no deadline setting, that’s for sure, especially after listening to Ramit’s course today. But goal setting too?

So how is the evolved version of goal-setting then?

Did a lot and still feel like I haven;t done much today.

But definetely progressed in my walk toward the — no…no mountain…I guess.