Think the long game

I should be a support for others endeavors. Not everyone can constantly believe in themselves.

Many people need someone that connects the dots for them, someone that tell that what they do is safe. Persuade them that they are making the right choice.

The obstacles are emotional. They know what to do, they are just afraid if they should do it. You doesn’t know that jumping in a pool from a high place is not really dangerous, but they are still afraid. They start making all different kinds of scenarios in which something is wrong.

But once they do it. They are the happiest people on earth. They know they should do it, they are just fighting their fear.

You can be someone that makes them win the fight. You can the person that shows that there is no real danger. Few decisions are irreversible.

That’s what I learned today. I wanted to come up with a clear plan on how I should do that. But I’m still trying to navigate the mayhem of wisdom.

Rather than thinking in days, I understood that I should start thinking, in weeks, months and years. The Noah Kagan weekend business has just poisoned my way of thinking.

Yes there are simple ways to test your assumption, but don;t think that a weekend is all it takes to succeed. Seriously. There should be a strong foundation that you developed behind the curtain. So that when the comes, you are able to come up with groundbreaking decision over a weekend..if that’s your drill.

Instead, I don’t want to do a weekend thing. there is no such thing as a weekend for me. There is no such thing as a weekend.

Just build your grounds. Keep reading, listening, prepare your setting and think that the crops are sowed today to yield next year.

Wisdom of books I’ve read: here is the link.


Even if fails, what do I gain?

I should be thinking this way all the time. Always defining the bottom line of what’s the worst that can happen.

I can do my book writing in a form of habit in which I write everyday. I hope to be able to start tomorrow morning. Do my writing peacefully before starting anything else.

It can be a good experience in which I gain. I gain the beauty of starting early. Focusing one thing at a time.

One important lesson is that I would feel less alone in my endeavors knowing that the people that inspire me through their writing and conversations are supporting me. I felt a bit isolated when I spent the week working by myself. I little reading and conversation listening reminds me that I am not out there against the world. To the contrary, I part of a world movement of freedom seeking. It just helps. I get more ideas. I take my thinking forward and keep my morale up.

Always remember to surround yourself with the people that are backing you up and are there to support you.