Focus on the concept of writing

If I want to become a better writer, not only I should keep reading, not only I should keep writing, but it will get even better if I understand people more.

Seeing through people is a quality many writers have. They distill traits and character of people they have come across. They see them in such a rich way that they become intensely creative when they describe them.

But you don’t have to be describing people if you want to become a writer. You can describe concepts. Find rich metaphors. Explore analogy and how some principles are universal to different fields.

I’m trying to become I better writer. I guess the best way to practice is to take risks. There is literary nothing to lose.

I’m spending my day reading and learning principles that I believe I should bear in mind for any future endeavor. Taking risk is one of the principles. Deep understanding of what others want is another.

I’m discovering all of that, so I’m trying to navigate through the wisdom. There are parts that I should try now, and other advice that I can go back to afterwards.

But finding who would listen is the first step. Understanding worldviews of others. And searching for value that can be created.

Just keep on researching, or just in mind that there a tribes that need you, and there are tribes that want you to lead them.

Basically what I try to do here is to focus on something that is of interest to me and that people want to learn about. The concept of writing is quite a good match for now.


I found my audio and video pieces but had to watch so much time-trash

Looking for audio and video material is always hard. It exposes to many luring things to watch and listen and read. It must be so hard to cut through he crap and go right to my objective of picking up what I need. But because I don’t know exactly where it is to be picked up, I have to watch and read and listen to so many different stuff.

A media researcher is a hard job. Doing those archive work of collecting the tits and bits that make someone contradict himself is not easy because you need great focus not to diverge your effort and energy from the right channel.

Even yesterday I ended up watching Justin Bieber roast, because I ran into so many videos and stuff. And of course I had to bump on something amazing in the media world.

So mission accomplished. I guess I had to watch all this shit in order to collect all this shit. It’s a must in this field.

I’m now also thinking that if I want to make daily videos I just try to do my videos in one take. Live. Like Saturday Night Live.

So yeah (Nathan style). Seriously life is so short and the world is so meaningless to worry about what others think. Seriously. Like I should worry if people like my un-edited video of myself filming.

I just did. I’m posting an edited video

Thinking like a gold digger

Did my homework. Researched the hell out of these dark categories on Amazon.

Hated when I had to face human nature. How most of users are attracted by not so valuable pursuits. The sin of mediocrity is what found. But there are some glimpses of light. There are few gold nuggets to extract. And I’m intending to do so tomorrow.

I’m like a gold digger, not loosing hope and continuing the effort. I will back to mines tomorrow. I should think of this every time I get frustrated by the dullness of what I read and discover doing my research. Because, you know, the is about finding that profitable mine to dig.

Besides that, my tracking keeps supplying good intel. I produced more waking up at 7 and get started at 8. Energy kept flowing. Some intermittent breaks did the job in maintaining it although it can be ameliorated.

Back to mine tomorrow