Think the long game

I should be a support for others endeavors. Not everyone can constantly believe in themselves.

Many people need someone that connects the dots for them, someone that tell that what they do is safe. Persuade them that they are making the right choice.

The obstacles are emotional. They know what to do, they are just afraid if they should do it. You doesn’t know that jumping in a pool from a high place is not really dangerous, but they are still afraid. They start making all different kinds of scenarios in which something is wrong.

But once they do it. They are the happiest people on earth. They know they should do it, they are just fighting their fear.

You can be someone that makes them win the fight. You can the person that shows that there is no real danger. Few decisions are irreversible.

That’s what I learned today. I wanted to come up with a clear plan on how I should do that. But I’m still trying to navigate the mayhem of wisdom.

Rather than thinking in days, I understood that I should start thinking, in weeks, months and years. The Noah Kagan weekend business has just poisoned my way of thinking.

Yes there are simple ways to test your assumption, but don;t think that a weekend is all it takes to succeed. Seriously. There should be a strong foundation that you developed behind the curtain. So that when the comes, you are able to come up with groundbreaking decision over a weekend..if that’s your drill.

Instead, I don’t want to do a weekend thing. there is no such thing as a weekend for me. There is no such thing as a weekend.

Just build your grounds. Keep reading, listening, prepare your setting and think that the crops are sowed today to yield next year.

Wisdom of books I’ve read: here is the link.


The power of habits instead of willpower Experiment

Here I am. With more ideas than ever. Excitement regained. I couldn’t make sense of yesterday. I was in a plateau, I am in a plateau. I’m enjoying the plateau.

Project are waiting for me. And a common theme is that they will be accompanied with a daily progress log. Deadlines there will be. But the goal is another thing: to not break the chain.

It’s more of a commitment than a goal. My projects have no end in perspective. Just daily progress toward higher watermarks.

I shall record my movements and make it a learning journey, all along.

But I should be smart about it. No crazy objectives. Just measurable and achievable ambitions. First one and only objective: To stick to the practice. Forever. Until there is no more practice. And that’s hard to conceive.

I’ve got all of that from Mastery by George Leonard. I made sense of it. And will try to make the most of its teachings. Yes I have projects in mind regarding that youtube chrome extension. "Putting back the "you" in youtube", a second practice is to write. Influence. Operate mechanisms of power. Draw attention. Trigger emotions with words. That a challenge worth taking.

I can try and test this wordsmith-ness anywhere.

I’m bursting with excitement, but I know that excitement depletes in about 1 to 2 days. But what comes next are habit formations. And that’s where my strengths are. If I have proven something over the course of the past 2 years, it’s developing the habits that I still have today.

And look at me. I haven’t broken the chain.

Another thing I learned: Using anger.

The adrenaline rush, the energy, into some form of effort. It can be physical (pull-ups/push-ups/planks/swings/squats) or it can be directed toward the practice of not breaking the chain. The habit building.

I will also experiment with flipping my day and see how it goes. Instead of doing things first thing in the morning, generally thanks to willpower. I will completely disregard willpower for the more tranquil power of habits. My habits are generally strong when they are during the end of the day, before I go to sleep. So I will just vagabond and surf in the morning and look forward to get my habits done before I finish the day, and close the store.

Progress on my bullshit animation!

I’m proud I’ve completed the part on the bullshit animation. I progressed and am learning faster.

I’m riding that learning curve, and I know that this is something I enjoy doing. Even not for the money, I think I’d love making videos and expressing my vision and thoughts.

I even remembered that originally, my art project started because I wanted to create an interactive timeline, FOR MYSELF. I love looking at chronological timelines of history. And situate events in time.

But I don’t know exactly how, (but I believe I can know), I worked more toward creating the website and write content for people to read. It wasn’t motivating enough for me so I can, after spending so much energy writing text about art event and artists, go and promote my content and backlinking and stuff.

You won’t succeed because you partly enjoy the project but are not as enthusiastic about some other part. Like I was excited to build a timeline, but was drained by the reading and writing of the articles. I couldn’t sustain doing the work because it didn’t feel rewarding.

I even botched the timeline and couldn’t find the energy to work on the timeline.svg I created on Illustrator.

I knew that flash wasn’t something for me. I never understood what it really is for. But now I understand that it’t exactly for the timeline animation I wanted to do for my Art project. Interactive animation on web. While After Effects is for making movies, short-movies.

So I’m on the right direction know. I just need to focus. Be at peace with the forces block my progress and be more resilient to their attacks..

Tomorrow I will use After Effects to get the fumes out of the stereos and do the camera scaling and filming. Then maybe I’ll start on the audio, the music and the effects.

I’m good

Doing my thing, consistently but it should remain effective

I think I’m going for a walk. I’m tired, my back hurts from sitting. But the moving around makes me feel good.

Regarding today. Well… progress, yet again. I’m being consistent it seems. I finished 21 Scrum points. The power nap was formidable. I didn’t have to watch any series or shows, just slept alone, with the help of nothing, as rarely as it seems.

I was thinking "Well what’s left now? Well… I think that’s the time where I have to publish my content on the website now". I haven’t look at the exact Scrum Plan of what’s left, but now that I’ve looked, I should implement SEO technique on the content, because it’s… done, I guess.

But think about something, you can change the and modify text ANYTIME later, so don;t worry about the perfectness. It’s just a form of resistance.

So tomorrow Writing that Intro with Keyword, having a definite Title Keyword, and the ‘related links’/’Read more’ links to test interest in particular topic.

I guess I should improve the PNG and see how I can implement my png as it is or think of .svg with clickable content on my picture.

I feel sleepy now.

I built the stats for my tracker for the fiirst time. I have plenty of data to look at. It’s cool. The look is nice, it’s somewhat automated and is promising for making the "know thyself" project easier along my days.

Time for me to decide if I’m going to walk around the house instead of going out, and just cook lentils eat, carb effect, which is 20% carbs

I’m here for 45 min now, and haven’t finished writing. Tomorrow I’ll go the Sunday market and see if any eggplant, khiar, butternut squash, onion.. we’ll see

Produced, not under-pressure, and fine with it

Today was more of a chill day. Not in a sense that I didn’t produce. Of course I did. I started the graphic thing and it’s a matter of hours before it’s done.

But it’s more of a chill day in sense that I didn’t feel the pressure that much. I thought at some point about the $2,050/month, and it certainly pumps up energy for me.

But should I spend my day under pressure? At which level I should be? between the chill that serenely progress and get things done, and the under pressure guy that is pedaling hard to finish the lap before going to sleep. Because, that’s what it is. I’m pedaling hard to be able to finish the round lap before I go to sleep.

Well the reading and the hearing and learning I did advocates taking it easy. From Derek Sivers to that producer of music guy that podcasted with Ferriss, they both advice on not being hard on oneself. The bike pedaling of Derek Sivers that was like 3 minutes faster by pedaling twice as hard.

I can understand that, in a sense. I progressed today. Woke up at 5.00 am felt perfect by 10.00 am. And that’s it. I just executed for the rest of the day what I learned early in the morning. In fact I will mostly be executing what I learned this early morning tomorrow too.

So easy peasy. I did well. I hope to get up at 5.00 am tomorrow. In fact let me try an alarm for the first time since, I had a "job".

Ok let’s try that.

I think that, though, that the ketosis situation I was from fasting for 24h made a difference too. All of this needs to be measured and a plan of how I should manage and update my habits should be worked on.

Progress! I’m keeping at it

I definitely got closer to the mountain today. This journal should be a piece of encouragement that will contrast with the habit of being too hard on myself.

I just bled on my finger nail, now I’m thinking I should try ancient bleeding for removing toxins and regenerate blood. Think about it.

The setting of my new wood room is good, just that humidity is a battle that I seek to win. We’ll see if we will survive that tomorrow otherwise, I;ll return to the big room for work, and keep my sleeping in the wood room.

The topic of my research is still attractive to me. I’m learning about expressionism, a whole new world for me. The B side of the French art vinyl.

I took the rest midday, after a nice warm shower, it had the expected effect: a long uninterrupted burst of energy. I did my walking thereafter, and felt "full" and pleased with my day.

I don’t know but I might take a break day tomorrow, only regarding food. Call it cheat day. It will also a proof that nutrition is essential for the good management, and stream of energy for a nice producing day.

Other than that The upper-back pain makes me feel more curious about it. I need to know if my posture is fine or I something need to be done about it.

Hey! Let’s not forget, and eventually end with a positive note, it was an effective day. I scored. I don’t know about the scrum points but I’m doing the shit. So great job, good work and you deserve your chocolate tomorrow.

Oh and the France Culture podcast, while a refreshing mental exercise. it reminds me of the good days sitting on Brighton beach, hearing about Zarathustra for the first time.

Objective achieved. On the right direction. I keep on walking

I have completed 15 scrum points. That includes proofreading and collecting images.

I can understand now why I have no energy in reading about hosting and wordpress and plugins and all the bozo.

Progress is certainly here. Reading the original articles and sources that put me into this in the first place makes me feel good, and reminds me how I should be my project now.

The energy has been managed somehow. The resting attempted by midday wwas benefecial, although it took a big chunk of time. I don’t know what is the optimum resting amount and how it can improved for a better "2 days instead of 1" scheme.

Probably an early rise could get me a nice rest by 1pm then on to the next "day". With this technique, today, I have put 7 effective hours of work. Not bad.

The need to go for a walk is here though. I feel better listening to the podcasts while walking. There should be a way to incorporate walking, podcast and then afterwards resting. Or the opposite: Eating, resting, and walking/podcasting. We’ll experiment with that.

All good. Some humor watching will be much appreciated.

“There must be an easier way that this!” You goddamn right.

I wanted to relax today, but couldn’t resist the flow of creativity that come upon me when I woke up this morning.

I had different ideas about niche market. Of course the mistake I did with Urban Explorer (that I tried yesterday) project was that I neglected the fact that there were nobady with ability and willingness to pay.

So adopted Tim Ferriss Muse techniques of going through magazine. I started with a random theme: fixies. But then I found no fixies interest in the US. It was more prominent in Europe. I don;t why it stopped me. I was focused on US market only, while I could have thought globally. Amazon is in Europe too. And I believe that internet Niche building is not as fierce in Europe, Germany and Holland…But I stopped, not paying attention to this reflection that I just made here.

After being fully excited to adopt the Magazine research, I soon went back to normal concluding that the US was not a market that is willing and able to pay for fixies as much. In a magazine anyway.

But the thing with what i tried today, and yesterday, is I’m hesitant between FBA or building an authority website. I have yet not investigated the Pros and Cons of both strategies. I shall start with that tomorrow.

One thing for certain, when I feel that it’s becoming way to hard, and I’m thinking "There must be an easier way than this", that’s the time when I need to stop, step back, and think about circumventing the obstacles and not ramming into them. The mixergy interview reminded me about the necessity to relax. Take few days off and go back at it.

Writing that here now, I think I’ll be better off taking one or two days of chilling out, listening to good conversations, taking new fresh notes. My eyes and ears will be more perceptive in filling the gaps that my mind has been exposed to these past days. Like when you start spotting the car you just bought everywhere. Or like the so many guys with mustaches I start to "encounter" on the street.

And if my "preferred themes" have no market I can add value to, why not take the time to develop new interests. I took up guitar, 3d modelling, book writing, all was new to me. I can take up new hobbies as a way to explore even more my interests. I thought I had many interests, but after that Excel file where I listed the activities that I would enjoy working and researching on anyways, I found that they were not so numerous after all.

I love the fact that everything has been recorded and tracked. I can go back to my mistakes and now exactly where I did wrong. This is definitely helping. Keeping I "progress journal" like this is also very helpful.

Some interesting thoughts I heard from this guy that challenged Mark Cuban on Shark Tank. The "I’m not gonna cry" guy. His reflections about his dad and sister were very touching and surprising. One more reason to keep up to date with the mixergy interviews, because they can be very surprising.

I started to know how to hack a good night sleep. I full belly with proteins and vegetables, added with some slurps of vinegar does the job exquisitely. (Nice! I spelled that word right at the first try)

Productive first new project day, rest and restoring energy for tomorrow

I’m doing well. I’m progressing. I found a niche. I was excited enough that I dropped looking for 2 more niches and started working on the first one.

I started by a very insightful self-writing experience, in which I outlined all my process for the past year and a half that led to become a self-proclaimed marketer. I can say that I’m a market now. I feel confident about it and feel like I can answer a random "what do you do?" question with with assurance, Even though it’s more for me than for others. I kind of found a profession that matches my aspirations, purpose and state of happiness.

I’m very tired although I feel that I’m performing well during the day. I spent a good 14 hours working. Talking about human efficiency and cognitive endurance, I feel I’m above average regarding this aspect.

I have already a plan for tomorrow. What’s interesting about the actual authority site project I’m working on is that I get to put my own judgment, analysis and decision regarding taking the project to fruition. I don’t feel that I’m following a manuscript or a handout somewhere. Like when I was I did 3d modelling, I came up with my own solutions.

I’m confident about the work awaiting me tomorrow. I need to rest though. And that’s why I’ll abruptly stop my relating here.

Details of the day can be found in my diverse note-taking files, including the mini goal setting I developed today.

That’s exactly what I want

I’m free again. A sensation I last have, to be honest, back when I was living in London. I feel a sense of freedom that having your own places gives you.

More interestingly. I’m scoring like la beast. Right at it, grinding the set objectives. The only thing that felt a bit uncontrolled was my condition to sleep early tonight (you see the time?)

Otherwise. I’m right on track. I have my decision about my book publishing. I know where to go next in each every project I’m taking. The beauty of my awareness nowadays is that I don;t have projects anymore. I have A project: Building a muse to safeguard that liberty I experienced today. My objective is: MORE OF THAT.

I’m grateful for not needing anything essential to my survival. I have a shelter, food and the luxury of quietness. There always is something missing, like better internet connection, but let’s face it. It’s not blocking in anyway from progressing and doing what you have to do.

I feel really joyful. Like I don;t want to go to sleep because I’m enjoying today so much. I really am in my element. I know it for sure. And that’s exactly what I’m here for. To check if this is really what I want. Just few hours in and mission accomplished. Will second confirm tomorrow.