Following a simple a plan

Jumping from a task to another. My brain was bubbling.

See… that’s a test for how self-aware I really am. I don’t really recall what I did. It’s just a mess of different readings I did. Some Listening. "Selling the invisible". Then Derek Sivers, but mostly me self-writing about my approach and how I intend to reinforce others’ worldviews.

You should know that it’s all meaningless. If you keep being self-conscious about what they think it will never heal.

So what I did was mostly trying to write down my thoughts. The chain of reflective interrogations led me to different paths.

Then I felt overwhelmed. I remembered simplicity and ONEthing-ness. Which I did.

I figured that people draw positivity from one major thing to another. For example reading books means they will understand the world better, that gives them encouragement and persuade to act, they feel excited and supported to reach results. And if they believe in themselves, they reach what they envisioned.

It’s just a matter of belief.

Let’s keep this simple. And work from paper and pencil. Draw a plan, follow it until something appears wrong. Make changes, tweaks here and there and keep at it.

If you want to receive wisdom of my readings, here is the link.


I’ve got a plan for next week, let’s put last week behind us and focus positively

The day was ok. Not fabulous. I’ve managed better days. I’m kind of disoriented, still you might say…

Look, there is no ‘declic’ to wait for. You decide what to do, set deadlines and do the work. You can’t become a slave of external influences.

You have built a momentum and it is time for you to exploit it.

Yes you have your tracking system up and running, with one button click you have your stats of how you spend your days. But what for, If not for the better enhancement of the quality of your days on earth.

Look, you can listen and read a lot of advice. But I’m in this feeling now that I have plenty of advice to follow already.

I’m on the phase of following the advice I have collected over the last few months. Yes it’s refreshing to hear about fellow entrepreneurs, it’s makes me more energetic and wanting to keep on track towards the mountain.

I need to focus on the mountain faraway. I’m enjoying the walk, the hike, etc. But I need to do and complete my daily steps. It’s still faraway and the journey is so long and so enjoyable that I want to experience more of it. I can’t just stay in the same place. I need to discover more of the road.

By Friday I want to have my FightMediocrity similar video published to the world. I need to ship. That’s a big kill that I know I can animate by Tuesday, Audio and Arrange by Friday.

The surfing will be minimized and intensified.

The truth is that I’m not super happy about the last week. I won’t mark it in the top weeks hall of fame. Maybe it’s because I have no track of it. And maybe that if I read back the gratefulness I wrote every day I would feel better, now, about it.

Ok I have a plan for the next 5 days. My health is not optimal neither. Some remaining backpain and the ingurgitation of carbs on a daily basis doesn;t make feel good.

But I’m grateful I can still walk, and in an acceptable shape.

3 axes about art, and self tracking on the next month

It’s ok. I haven’t died. I missed few days in writing my daily journal and being grateful on paper. But I noticed that I have remembered few times to be grateful. It became a sort of reflex. For the nice warm weather, the comfort of where I live. The care I receive from my family, and the quite comfortable life I have the privilege to live.

Indeed, compassion is one of the keys to happiness. Another activity that really makes me feel better about myself, is producing things and doing something that gets me closer to the faraway mountain.

I also valued the need for me to produce everyday. Otherwise I feel worthless, with no purpose, with no meaning. I have two axes I believe are what I will still be working on a year from now.

I think that I enjoy writing about art, art history, how it affects our beings our story as sapiens. So nurturing my website about art, and developing and informative youtube channel, with animated clips about art.

I’m trying to make it sound important, bu treally I’m just building a website and a youtube channel, that in the long-term, and in the long-term only,will yield consistent results. On the side, I’m developing a self-tracking system. I enjoy programming and that would be very enjoyable to build.

I’m definitely thinking about scratching my own itch in all of these 3 axes. I seek to learn more about art, because I dream about having my own art gallery in beautiful city in the world.

On the parallel, or merely, on the afternoon of my days, I’ll listen to entrepreneurs and remain in my own reality of what I want to become.

I’ll try to keep a habit of early wake up and production then chilling nurturing afternoon, and early sleep. Sleep, and simple.

I’d give myself one month for that. Building a rich website, having few videos out there, and my tracking system with insightful data.

A month before it gets "warmer" and go back to my Hermitage.