The power of habits instead of willpower Experiment

Here I am. With more ideas than ever. Excitement regained. I couldn’t make sense of yesterday. I was in a plateau, I am in a plateau. I’m enjoying the plateau.

Project are waiting for me. And a common theme is that they will be accompanied with a daily progress log. Deadlines there will be. But the goal is another thing: to not break the chain.

It’s more of a commitment than a goal. My projects have no end in perspective. Just daily progress toward higher watermarks.

I shall record my movements and make it a learning journey, all along.

But I should be smart about it. No crazy objectives. Just measurable and achievable ambitions. First one and only objective: To stick to the practice. Forever. Until there is no more practice. And that’s hard to conceive.

I’ve got all of that from Mastery by George Leonard. I made sense of it. And will try to make the most of its teachings. Yes I have projects in mind regarding that youtube chrome extension. "Putting back the "you" in youtube", a second practice is to write. Influence. Operate mechanisms of power. Draw attention. Trigger emotions with words. That a challenge worth taking.

I can try and test this wordsmith-ness anywhere.

I’m bursting with excitement, but I know that excitement depletes in about 1 to 2 days. But what comes next are habit formations. And that’s where my strengths are. If I have proven something over the course of the past 2 years, it’s developing the habits that I still have today.

And look at me. I haven’t broken the chain.

Another thing I learned: Using anger.

The adrenaline rush, the energy, into some form of effort. It can be physical (pull-ups/push-ups/planks/swings/squats) or it can be directed toward the practice of not breaking the chain. The habit building.

I will also experiment with flipping my day and see how it goes. Instead of doing things first thing in the morning, generally thanks to willpower. I will completely disregard willpower for the more tranquil power of habits. My habits are generally strong when they are during the end of the day, before I go to sleep. So I will just vagabond and surf in the morning and look forward to get my habits done before I finish the day, and close the store.


On failing faster, and expecting some time before results

Focusing on one thing at a time may be not "human" but I don’t recall expressing satisfaction on multiple projects at a time.

I’m happy with my work when it consisted of one specific objective I’ve been working towards for the previous days, or weeks.

Spent the day trying to come up with an objective. Finding a new route toward next objective. I must fail faster than this. It becomes easier when you know it doesn;t work this way.

You may believing in your project, in the effort you put in. But let’s not be romantic and just get it to face the adversity of the elements. Build the project. Ship it to the realms of the universe, and wait for that echo sound…."FAIL !"

I start to believe when I hear Seneca saying great leaps only happen overtime. Mastery according to George Leonard happens in small bursts of improvements that add up overtime. And James Alutcher explaining that you should expect results, if any, only after 5 years.

The details may be wrong, but let’s agree that the above are three examples, over 2 millennia, that came across today stating that it takes time to truly sink in the wisdom into your subconscious.

28,000 days. That’s what you have left to live. So think about what was great today and continue thinking of what will make the day great tomorrow.

At least I delivered some thoughts. Written down so gratefulness. Assembled a video log (yes video log). And learned a bit more. Not enough to feel accomplished today but let’s trust the process of wisdom sinking within you over time.

I want to write this, I feel good every time I do: "The professional masters how and leave what and why to the Gods"

Making the video making a habit

I did my dues. I feel that I’m enjoying the part of reading and bursting my ideas. Of course I can work on them to make them more natural. But it’s ok.

Also, it;s all written. I’d love to have some more poignant visuals. But hey, let’s just build the habit that’s we’re working towards.

I feel like these days here are only about holding until I’m free again in Tangier. I know that projecting on a better future is not good. So I’m refraining from thinking so. And trying to make the most of my day. The most of my time here. The most of my life.

The idea of Mastery that I watched FightMediocrity talking about is just perfect sense to me. No one just jumps from zero to high level overnight. It comes with step floor of leveling ups. Somehow this can only be illustrated with a picture. And that’s what I need to think about if I need visuals on my videos. Things that can ONLY be explained by a picture. Because words can do the job. It;s just that sometimes, the words are not precise enough to explain everything as easily.

So that’s that. I’m minimalistic. Controlling my mornings only. I’m more laid back with the rest of my time. Although I wish I read and learned, Video games take a lot of time in my day.

I’m focus on making the vlogging a habit. Because the thrill will be gone anyways at some point.