Think the long game

I should be a support for others endeavors. Not everyone can constantly believe in themselves.

Many people need someone that connects the dots for them, someone that tell that what they do is safe. Persuade them that they are making the right choice.

The obstacles are emotional. They know what to do, they are just afraid if they should do it. You doesn’t know that jumping in a pool from a high place is not really dangerous, but they are still afraid. They start making all different kinds of scenarios in which something is wrong.

But once they do it. They are the happiest people on earth. They know they should do it, they are just fighting their fear.

You can be someone that makes them win the fight. You can the person that shows that there is no real danger. Few decisions are irreversible.

That’s what I learned today. I wanted to come up with a clear plan on how I should do that. But I’m still trying to navigate the mayhem of wisdom.

Rather than thinking in days, I understood that I should start thinking, in weeks, months and years. The Noah Kagan weekend business has just poisoned my way of thinking.

Yes there are simple ways to test your assumption, but don;t think that a weekend is all it takes to succeed. Seriously. There should be a strong foundation that you developed behind the curtain. So that when the comes, you are able to come up with groundbreaking decision over a weekend..if that’s your drill.

Instead, I don’t want to do a weekend thing. there is no such thing as a weekend for me. There is no such thing as a weekend.

Just build your grounds. Keep reading, listening, prepare your setting and think that the crops are sowed today to yield next year.

Wisdom of books I’ve read: here is the link.


I should focus on making book gems videos. They’re more speaking to me now.

I’m always by 2 conflicting emotions. The one that screams "I need to make money to get away from these people" and the one that says "You can only make money by doing something you enjoy". There is no money making in the long-term if the focus is actually on making money.

So what can I do? The first option is to reduce drastically the contact with people that judge while I save my time and energy to focus on what matters to me, which is: finding something that I enjoy that makes money.

The thing to which you say "I can’t believe I get paid to do that" or "I could do it for free, if I’m not thinking long-term".

That’s one.

Two. I thing I still have an advantage in reading and distilling ideas to their essence, and I believe people need me to that for them. Explaining the books I read to them. Saving them time and energy. Because not everybody has the persistence of reading text and saving time for audiobooks, but they will still benefit from gems in books they heard about.

That’s it. I’m happy I’m trying to animate. I found After Effects as a program that is closer to Illustrator and Photoshop so I can get along with it much more easily.

Tomorrow I will finish that animation of fumes getting out of the shit and see how move to the next animation of the stereo bursting with fumes then pundit sounds.

Regarding my reading. I enjoy early morning reading and audiobook listening. Mastery from Robert Greene. I feel that I can read more, and spend more time listening and getting within the environment that I should to be part of.

Let’s have a goal. I will decide on a format and do another 1 week vlog post about my readings.Either it will be with face talking, From the "inventory stock warehouse". Or making nice animations, with maybe after effects, or after effects and my face at the same time with words and shapes poping next to my head while talking.

Solid long-term art project ready to rock n’ roll

"If you were millionaire would you do what you want to do?" Interesting questing huh?

When you say you "want" to do something. Ask yourself the above question and see if you are doing it for material or immaterial reasons.

Just a random thought I had.

I read, once more. And found a different approach where I’m addressing the globe. Yes the world is my customer and I’m selling….drum rolls…information!

No inventory, no deadlines. Adsense. It has a good potential in the future. It’s a lot of front loading work as growing traffic is the main objective. Anything that will grow your traffic on the LONG-TERM is worthwhile.

I like this approach not only for its intangible product but also for it’s low competition because very few wannabes that want to make money fast won’t get the patience to do it.

I believe I have the ability to think long term. Build habits overtime. Do the work, with discipline and passively work toward my goal. I know I have this capacity. I have cultivated that over the last year and a half.

I learned how the world looks completely different, if not opposite, when you think short-term vs. long-term.

I chose a subject that I’m interested in learning about. Art, art movement, business of art, contemporary art, art understanding. I can see myself researching these topics for an extensive understanding and report that in structured essays, diagrams, chronological charts…

Even if this approach from RankXL doesn’t work (although I doubt it), I won’t feel I have wasted 3 months. Yes that’s the timeline. I have my "prima di primavera" objective still set. And I’m ready to rock n’ roll.

I’m such in an excitement that I’m thinking "ok, I need to sleep and get those 6-7 hours of sleep done, so I can continue this tomorrow morning." It’s amazing!

All the components of the project look solid to me. More solid than any project I’ve gone through during the last year and half.