Just a keyboard and a screen that’s all I’ll need

Just the notion that I just need a keyboard, a screen and internet connection to live a full life is so relieving.

I can be anywhere. Doesn’t matter what powerful technology I have, it is just incremental improvement on my scale of comfort. And I don’t need more comfort. Especially if I want to live a rich life.

That means that the worst that can happen is actually not that bad. Me in a corner with an old laptop and my eagerness to learn.

Placing the words, choosing the sentences and setting the rhythm.

I spent most of the day reading, again. Originally as a form of sloth, but then the quality of wisdom I came across made me get up.

Yes, it’s all about value creation. People have some form of hassle in their lives that they want to get rid of. I’m here to see what I can do. Some of their problems are piece of cake for others. The work lies in matching the two sides.

That’s it really. I feel I bit self-conscious now that I’m writing this. But I just spent the day reading and learning and trying to follow the advice.

Of course advice can be good but not necessarily good for you.

Also I got control of youtube. No more related videos that lure me into the black hole of time. itube now.


Progress on my bullshit animation!

I’m proud I’ve completed the part on the bullshit animation. I progressed and am learning faster.

I’m riding that learning curve, and I know that this is something I enjoy doing. Even not for the money, I think I’d love making videos and expressing my vision and thoughts.

I even remembered that originally, my art project started because I wanted to create an interactive timeline, FOR MYSELF. I love looking at chronological timelines of history. And situate events in time.

But I don’t know exactly how, (but I believe I can know), I worked more toward creating the website and write content for people to read. It wasn’t motivating enough for me so I can, after spending so much energy writing text about art event and artists, go and promote my content and backlinking and stuff.

You won’t succeed because you partly enjoy the project but are not as enthusiastic about some other part. Like I was excited to build a timeline, but was drained by the reading and writing of the articles. I couldn’t sustain doing the work because it didn’t feel rewarding.

I even botched the timeline and couldn’t find the energy to work on the timeline.svg I created on Illustrator.

I knew that flash wasn’t something for me. I never understood what it really is for. But now I understand that it’t exactly for the timeline animation I wanted to do for my Art project. Interactive animation on web. While After Effects is for making movies, short-movies.

So I’m on the right direction know. I just need to focus. Be at peace with the forces block my progress and be more resilient to their attacks..

Tomorrow I will use After Effects to get the fumes out of the stereos and do the camera scaling and filming. Then maybe I’ll start on the audio, the music and the effects.

I’m good

Day routine of today, somewhat yesterdays and tomorrows

I’m in the process of thinking up new ideas on my film operations.

Yes I make short films now. And I should think about it this way. I’m thinking about new "diverging", "might not work ideas". I feel free in trying things.

Now I tried recording my "as I’m typing voice". The sound of my voice is not nice. I tried to reduce the keyboard sound and leave my voice. But my voice is so low that it’s barely hearable.

I learned quite a bit about removing sound and noise in audition. Using Audition cc might be a good strategy now, instead of ableton and EQ filters, compressor and gate.

But I want to understand what makes a good sound quality. Is it the frequencies reaching different specific levels all at the same time. (Which I believe is an accurate pitch).

Actually I should record my journey and make it a series of vlogs where I actually learn about sound. It might be a good note taking ideas.

Other than that. I enjoyed listening to Tara Brach stories. I feel that now I’m listening podcasts and watching videos, I pay more attention to the story making. It is the most pertinent form of learning and memorizing things. That’s why card mnemonic technique use the visuals that emanate from a story our imagination makes.

Keeping it simple. Short. and ONE thing at a time.

I feel that my day, and somewhat days before and the ones coming after, will be about scoring my ONE thing first thing in the morning. Then breakfast and kind of chill. Laughing at youtube. Watching videos. Reading too (High consumption level) until after lunch where I’d listen to Tara brach or some mindful story like France Cultture or something like Hardcore History that I might try (by 3pm I assume). Then after that sort of mindful/fictional rest. I get ready to use the rest of my day, by being creative. Thinking, maybe trying to produce or idea try outs. and then eat and go to sleep

Haircut Day!

Fun day it was.

I started by dripping and making the animation of my vlog post.

Felt a great sense of "mission accomplished" and went on to get and give a haircut. Made a video out of it. And enjoyed the editing part, mixing in the audio and learning and the ins and outs of speed editing, on demand whenever I needed it.

It’s interesting that I learned so much, although I didn’t expect that much of a learning at all. Even after I finished the work and got my video played to others. I found that beside the editing techniques and tools, the video should depict a story that climaxes and give a resolution. The fun and laughs should maintained and given a whole big part at the end. and so on..

That’s quite a interesting point. "Even if you think you’ll learn something" from trying something new. You’ll soon find that there was so much learned. If you keep you mind open.

The trophy of that edited video is really something. That made today unforgettable.

Especially this days, in January, where my self-awareness got mixed-up. I got back to the old style tracker, in order to regain my awareness of time.

Let’s go to sleep because I still want to animate my vlog, before I plunge into gaming with my brother…I guess. We can come up with something completely different.

Self-aware in conversation: in progress

Enjoyed the day indeed.

The travel was great. On the way back an idea-settling conversation arose with my father. It was a good 3 hours settling my inner learnings and so-far wisdom out of the confines of my mind.

There was a lot of talk. I didn’t feel confront as much as being questioned on the validity of my ideas. But I have to admit I felt that at the end I didn’t learn as much from my interlocutor (father) as he learned from me.

He listened to different type of advice to him.

It was classic Achraf conversation. Containing myself first, trying to listen, making an effort to hear what the other person is saying, encouraging on the things I like and keeping myself quiet when not agreeing for a good 30-45 min I’d say then I wen

{side idea}
Look, everyone can know now the how-to of anything. How did that programmer write this software, line by line, minute by minute, in a tracking system, with the side notes, the thoughts, ideas, wanking time and walking around time. It certainly is replicable but no one would do it. Because it’s another x factor.
{\side idea}

I went bursting my ideas, thought, criticism, reflection, lost my self-awareness much more, sporadically remembered to breathe, but I must say that I was on autopilot. I certainly influenced and got my points across. Did I learn as much from my father, I don’t think so. And that’s not good for me. He got that he should buy chocolate for his prospects and clients, and give them personalized towels. What do I have from my to-do list? nothing really. "continuing on learning more and giving more ideas and influence more" doesn’t really count, or does it?

I was helpful somehow and encouraging, but I could have piloted the whole better.

The key, you see, is to make the other person that your ideas are his. There is some Ben Franklin or Influence book strategies on that, but I’m out of those "people skills" as Derek Sivers call them, for now.

Aside from that, I chilled the rest of the afternoon. Coded and started to think about reviewing my bookmarks, by date, as it seems that they carry a lot of information about me, about my past project, my past mindset. An idea from Tim Ferriss review of his last year as said in latest Random Show. Also my isnotagame site can carry gems too.

planning the optimal producing day

I spent the whole day just one thing. Building the wordpress theme, setting plugins, and arranging website. ugh..reminds me early days (summer 2014) when I didn’t know shit about life.

Is that what I mean by "focus"? If that focus, man, that was a tunnel that I traversed today.

"You can worry about it later" was the phrase of the day. I wanted to end the day saying that I "published". I think I could have, if I were more efficient after the rest I took.

But I was not in "production" mode really. I tried to put in the images, but felt "not like doing it", like leaving it for tomorrow when I’m more ON. Like alpha male on, when I wake up.

And I think there is a downside to ending the day like today, tired exhausted and not "technically" not achieving what I set out as an "afternoon" goal.

In reality the whole "good" energy has been during the morning. Until I peaked and started going down. That’s when I felt hungry for lunch. I did have lunch. Rested, with capital R, 3 hours and woke. Actually did solve quickly what I stalled about before lunch, like in a minute, thinking "you can worry about it later", and went on the images. But then my sitting posture was not as I wanted to put in all the images on the article. I dragged and did things here and there. I learned how to put the caption, how the font size is modified, and how the images can go to full screen, diaporama style, and arranging their appearance in-text.

So that was a quick summary.

Maybe If I kept in mind that I want to publish today, I would have spend my energy in the afternoon differently. I actually put in 6 good hours of work in the morning, but I hardly get and effective 3 hrs after rest.

So there is a lot to think about and experiment with, in terms of planning the optimal producing day.

My first thought is:

it can include a rest like a d (ah man I’m TIME LAGGED, I thought it was 9.00 already, it’s actually only 8.00 pm)

It can include a rest after a good 6 hours of early morning work, the I can focus on getting something done afterwards. How much do I really get done after a rest? That a good question to investigate.


I can, like Mark Twain?, just focus on doing what I have to do in the 6 hours in the morning, don’t believe that I’m effective after the rest. Maybe I’m taking 3-4 hrs to do something after rest that may take only 30 min to 1 hour in the morning. Really.. So the 1 day from 2 with rest is not necessarily a good choice.

I can work in the morning and relax in the afternoon. I can use the afternoon to open my mind, read, listen, walk, (shower) and so on, step back to jump better…

Working afternoons should be about something exciting, that I can wait but try it and do it. Otherwise, just listen, read, learn, understand and use the morning punch that I seem to have when I open my eyes at 5.30 am.

Ok I’ll go investigate these 2 or 3 approaches later and come up with a resolution to experiment with. Either rest or no rest and relax afternoon.

Technically done with first article

I don’t know what happened to me today. This day needs to be reviewed sometime later…meaning never, I guess.

I did my abstract expressionism, finally. I think I was so slurped by the subject, the american propaganda against the soviets, the cold-war, the Rockefellers, it reminded me of Banana man. All very interesting.

Most of my effort went into stopping myself from learning more. I knew I had to focus on completing the 500 words excerpt, but the abstract impressionism was so compelling that it was hard.

It’s an interesting story where I was for some good amount of the day thinking "Oh.. that’s why the hype around it doesn’t make any sense", "it was all made up! factually". Even if there is a continuation to the art movement from Surrealism, that big fame and attraction to it something that I should dig deeper to understand.

maybe it’s scratching an itch in our subconscious, like music, or their is something we like in it, as human, that we don;t understand yet. Anyway, work more to be done on that. Michael Kimmelman takes an interesting approach in art, that I can learn something from.

Time to sleep. And have a new day to enjoy. Maybe more effectively and efficiently than that

Learning but not really enjoying

Lack of sleep can be really an issue. Fortunately, I saved the day.

One thing about writing is that now can structure a style. I become sensible to syntaxes and phrases structure. The writing is something to be learned.

I think that choosing people that I like to read and scanning their structure can be helpful.

What I’m doing is good. A great exercise. Forcing myself to write things. At least I get to learn how make my own writing voice boring to myself. The only thing that maybe I’m not enjoying is that feeling of missing out. I haven’t read any inspiring text or even heard it. Just one thing. Yes it is getting. But I feel that giving the next 4 days to this can be wasteful.

Am I learning something.? Yes I’m learning how to not get bored of my writing. Am I enjoying it ? I Don’t think so. Am I going to be proud of what I’m building in 10 years? I don’t think so neither. I’m just doing this just to make sure for once that things really need to be enjoyed otherwise there is no point.

Time will say. But if I keep jumping from exciting project to another I will not get anything done. Maybe it’s OK. But I feel I am still in the process of trying different things to find the real stuff that I truly enjoy. I have to think about I progressed with this approach, sometime.

Otherwise I truly poured my mind last night at 4 am. It was like a waterfall. It’s way more enjoyable when you tell a story you saw and are still excited about it. Or maybe just not self conscious about it.

Reading and Learning my morning out

Let’s review today.

Started "effectively" at 10 am after mindfulness and breathing.

Don’t remember which came first. But I read few pages of the finances part of Personal MBA. Then, watched Ramit and Tim Earn1k video together. It showed me that I was on a good path. Market "Interview" is the way to start a business. Making these first steps to be ingrained in my business principles. And I’m on the right way of being a serial-entrepreneur. Also, a business is not only about maximizing profits. I learned that from Personal MBA. It’s a creative endeavor that, if sufficiently financed, will let you start even more creative endeavors.

Speaking of entrepreneurs, they both introduced me to Derek Sivers. It was surprising because I just read a introduction of his book Anything You Want by Seth Godin. Hearing about about this guy twice the same hour made me no hesitant. Found his blog. Paul Graham style. Full of free value, just like that. Shop until you drop. "I believe that giving is the best way of getting." or something around these words. Powerful.

Jumped onto his activities "right now". He loved Personal MBA and another book I heard so much about: So god they can’t ignore you.

Another apparently interesting book I encountered twice today was Built to Sell by John Warrillow.

A lot of reading coming on the way. Also read the first third of The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Initially to please a friend, Then bumped onto a confirmation of a beautiful principle: a great army is made of independent self-learning, initiative-taking soldiers. I firmly believe that my reading pace is in harmony with my progress. Progress in what? you ask.

Well, I reviewed myself (and this is one new way I’m experimenting with in reviewing myself). I found that since my – what I like to call Rebirth, at age 25 – I consistently worked on two areas. Expanding my creativity and Improving my resources.

All I do since January 2014 revolves around these two themes.

I writing this because I seek to have an objective proof of my being. That I can transcend my physical limitations and evolve with space and time. The biggest of my energy seems to peak in the morning. I kind of wished I were a night owl. One of those creatives that find inspiration in the midst of the night. Receiving farewell from my muses when the dawn breaks by. Or whatever..

But I’m here to learn about how I function best. I solved a problem trailing behind me for quite some time. Now It’s done. On an afternoon. It seems to show that rules are to be verified by exceptions. And I seek to be one of them.

How can I still write a daily post after all of this? Everyday. Ask the question again next time. I’m not ready to reflect on your complaints for now.