I’m on the right path, the simplified one

Here we are.

You are the 4 account I’m writing on. There is certainly a lot of writing. But I think it’s good. Because I asking questions from different angles. I just feel tired doing it now because I spent the afternoon bingeing on the only series I watch…And will ever watch.

Seriously. This seems pointless. I just want to liberate my brain from the stress of knowing that I missed watching that season. I though "well, one day a year wouldn’t hurt".

It actually physically does. It hurts my brain. And I don’t know why. Just of fear of missing out. That’s evident.

Oh well, let;s get this over with.

other than that, I did find my first burning pain. I expressed an interesting point about my last 2 years and how i changed.

How I had no marks when I started. Why Noah Kagan course didn’t help me. How I radically changed all my activities therefore making me have few interests, and few places that I can leverage for information, for burning pain research, for knowing a niche I can cater,

But after all this time. I developed and got deeper in my then-new interest. I know what is building websites, SEO, the entrepreneurs community. I also read a lot more. I saw businesses go up. I programmed, I exercised. I saw what it’s like to fail on a business idea. But got up. And for the first time, re-starting the loop over again.

So I’m on the right path. I feel confident. Especially that I massively reduced and simplified my days.

The only thing that I feel it’s urgent to setup. Is weekly goals. Adopt a weekly vision of my progress, I don’t have activities that I do "every week". I failed to develop that. I can do daily habits, but haven’t succeeded at weekly habits. But I’m sure I will come up with something.


The power of habits instead of willpower Experiment

Here I am. With more ideas than ever. Excitement regained. I couldn’t make sense of yesterday. I was in a plateau, I am in a plateau. I’m enjoying the plateau.

Project are waiting for me. And a common theme is that they will be accompanied with a daily progress log. Deadlines there will be. But the goal is another thing: to not break the chain.

It’s more of a commitment than a goal. My projects have no end in perspective. Just daily progress toward higher watermarks.

I shall record my movements and make it a learning journey, all along.

But I should be smart about it. No crazy objectives. Just measurable and achievable ambitions. First one and only objective: To stick to the practice. Forever. Until there is no more practice. And that’s hard to conceive.

I’ve got all of that from Mastery by George Leonard. I made sense of it. And will try to make the most of its teachings. Yes I have projects in mind regarding that youtube chrome extension. "Putting back the "you" in youtube", a second practice is to write. Influence. Operate mechanisms of power. Draw attention. Trigger emotions with words. That a challenge worth taking.

I can try and test this wordsmith-ness anywhere.

I’m bursting with excitement, but I know that excitement depletes in about 1 to 2 days. But what comes next are habit formations. And that’s where my strengths are. If I have proven something over the course of the past 2 years, it’s developing the habits that I still have today.

And look at me. I haven’t broken the chain.

Another thing I learned: Using anger.

The adrenaline rush, the energy, into some form of effort. It can be physical (pull-ups/push-ups/planks/swings/squats) or it can be directed toward the practice of not breaking the chain. The habit building.

I will also experiment with flipping my day and see how it goes. Instead of doing things first thing in the morning, generally thanks to willpower. I will completely disregard willpower for the more tranquil power of habits. My habits are generally strong when they are during the end of the day, before I go to sleep. So I will just vagabond and surf in the morning and look forward to get my habits done before I finish the day, and close the store.

Shifting my focus back to reading and translating the meaning of the concepts. Nuggets, aha moments, Gems

I completed my animation on the 3rd day. The tail is swinging with the shadow on the back.

I learned how to use traced bitmap and turn them into svgs. That way I can have great video resolution. I’m enjoying the result. Although I’m thinking that I should focus on what I’m already good at.

I’m writing these here. I can just record my screen as I type. It’s the easiest for me right at this moment. And if I focus my energy I can start collecting results.

When the writing comes from the heart. Almost everything is… I don’t know what I’m saying.

I can make the simplest videos ever, A channel called. Me typing. I just called it Rafael Thinking.

I can just blog post on Youtube. The number of views will be just like a blog post, only no need for SEO and website.

ALright, we gonna celebraaate! One moore time!!

I feel the pain in my tooth, but I grateful that I could heal it. And My abs habit is in. Habits are really powerful.

That all I do. Just my habit.

So as I said. I need to shift my energy in what I;m already good at and I can progress with. I read books and I can translate what they say into meaningful example, illustration, examples to others so they can grasp the concept. Because you can be a fan of something, like a movie or something, and you’d enjoy someone ma,ing a short clip smartly referencing what he knows and what you know too. Because you both watched the movie.

Well the book summary should be for those who have already read it. But the people that pass by, the onlookers, they will be attracted by knowing what we’re talking about, asking "What’s the reference".

Not efficient but effective, and re-questioning of how I’m thinking of my past month

Did actually arrange the videos.The first one is uploaded and done on videoscribe.

It’s on Premiere and need to be edited. I believe that it’s needs the audio to be finalizedly edited.

My mindfulness habits are really becoming very minimalist. It all revolves about being grateful in the morning and journaling during the night. Very rare breathing and existent meditation. I feel like I missed listening to my heart beating.

I actually have done my dripping for today. So today was a good day. The effort wasn’t focused and not the best example of precise, effective work. But got the day "spent" somehow, which is some kind of a waste of my days and my time and my life.

Yeah I’m feeling this. Like I’m giving away a month from my life doing random shit, badly eating and not exercising much.

So how can I make tomorrow a great day? Working on the video, doing something else? I’ve got to learn Premiere editing, which is going to be very brief, and I want to amend, again, the tracking system. It’s should be smoother, more intuitive and less painful. The 5 min division through the day is a pain, I believe. I don’t know how to deal with it.

I can circumvent the time division question and add a daily checklist that I can tick. Data input will be higher and taking less time, but also it will be less precise, in terms of when it happened. Actually I can make it record when I checked it..but I would rarely check it on the exact time as it’s happening. Checklist is not about when it happened, just if it has happened at all.

So maybe further dripping or programming, or just chilling (once again), or more possibly a mix of all the above and a feeling of doing everything and nothing.

Keepin’ it light and smily.