And I came across Deep Work

Well, some things will change here…

If it’s not helping what I intend to Deep Work on, I don’t do it.

I intend to Deep work on my writing skills and make my writing more compelling. Therefore, excessive writing tasks are not intense enough to yield valuable results.

My goal is to have valuable and rare results.

I originally journaled because I felt it freed me a little bit from the day. But this is not a focused journal. If it were a journal about how I’m progressing on my Deep Work, like I scoreboard, then it would be helpful.

Otherwise, all of the self-writing that alleviates my brain processing of thought is much being done on my Notepad on Excel. It’s timed and easily accessible.

If it doesn’t help turn my writing into compelling writing, then I don’t do it. That’s the rule for the next weeks, at least.


Writing for a tribe instead

Hello again. i wrote almost everything on the other daily blogs.

I feel that my need to write is a monster eating all my energy reserves.

I should cut that out to the 20% that needs such energy.

The thing with this type of journalling is that I don;t need to research anything. I just tell my story. That’s why it is so enjoyable. And 20% blog should be the same: enjoyable.

I should not be feeling "oh crap, I have to create value to this people again"

I trust Seth Godin when he says that he enjoyed working on businesses that work more that on businesses that failed but he enjoyed working one. Buyakacha!

I nee to restrain, focus and make it count. What I’m doing right now doesn’t count, in term of 2050 goal, but it more counts for the long long term self-reflection. I’m not sure I’m helping anybody with this. I’m not sure that I’m helping myself.

But this writing feels quick though, I don’t feel it like a pain. Although there is good reason to believe that it’s pumping my energy.

This can turn to be a navel-gazing daily exercise, even if I do a lot of those already. I don’t know it doesn’t seem reasonable.

But what will I be replacing this with? Not sure… I’m not sure which tribe I want to cater. I have to find out. If I frame an activity that is more pertinent to my 2050 goal, then priorities will take order. This will vanish to be replaced by a more "catering" writing.

On failing faster, and expecting some time before results

Focusing on one thing at a time may be not "human" but I don’t recall expressing satisfaction on multiple projects at a time.

I’m happy with my work when it consisted of one specific objective I’ve been working towards for the previous days, or weeks.

Spent the day trying to come up with an objective. Finding a new route toward next objective. I must fail faster than this. It becomes easier when you know it doesn;t work this way.

You may believing in your project, in the effort you put in. But let’s not be romantic and just get it to face the adversity of the elements. Build the project. Ship it to the realms of the universe, and wait for that echo sound…."FAIL !"

I start to believe when I hear Seneca saying great leaps only happen overtime. Mastery according to George Leonard happens in small bursts of improvements that add up overtime. And James Alutcher explaining that you should expect results, if any, only after 5 years.

The details may be wrong, but let’s agree that the above are three examples, over 2 millennia, that came across today stating that it takes time to truly sink in the wisdom into your subconscious.

28,000 days. That’s what you have left to live. So think about what was great today and continue thinking of what will make the day great tomorrow.

At least I delivered some thoughts. Written down so gratefulness. Assembled a video log (yes video log). And learned a bit more. Not enough to feel accomplished today but let’s trust the process of wisdom sinking within you over time.

I want to write this, I feel good every time I do: "The professional masters how and leave what and why to the Gods"

Let’s keep honing the skills. The skills to better express myself

This a lot of content I am producing out in one day.

Am I trying new things? Yes. Am I just staying busy? Probably. There is a chance.

I enjoyed editing this video. Surprised when it was a vlog of 22 min. I did take a lot of footage. Trying a different thing: long form.

We’ll see what happens.

As I said in the vlog. I have decided that I don’t want to teach. Per se. I’m more like wanting to express myself. Like Seth Godin, Casey. Ferriss. I don;t really want to have a course. It’s not that I don;t really want. I’d love the easy money from packaging a product and making a course.

But I should keep my focus in doing something I love and enjoy.

But most importantly. What I found eye opening today was that I need to understand the people that I want to add value to in a deep sense. Maybe more than they do themselves. Like when I helped Tato. I knew exactly what he was after. I knew exactly what he desired from his trip to London. And I gave him exactly that. And he enjoyed knowing as friend.

Need to keep up animating. Expressing. Reading, Honing the skills.

No guilt! You do what you think is right

I’m happy with that!

Yes, I completed my animation. Just need to synch the sound I put on that talkative stereo with the radial vibrations I create through the displacements.

Other than that. All these days, I have been starting my morning by listening to Mastery stories. This guy is a real story teller. His book is just rich with historical stories that back up his point.

I feel that I’m better at keeping my focus. It’s maybe enhanced my mindfulness practice and other exogenous efforts, but not as much as the work inside that I have made. I found something I really want to accomplish, and want to get it out there.

I had this idea about making a movie about that place here where I work and sleep. This room on the first floor. A camera pan through the room, the window, and Beverley hills. I recorded myself singing the opera song.

I want to make movies. I have some ideas and imaginative thought that I want to reproduce. I was in awe when I first saw that music clip with colors. I wanted to make psychedelic animations since I discovered acid music.

Other than that, I’m interested by the field. That’s why I was attracted by 3d modelling in the first place. That short movie that the guy did with the printer. That French guy. Amazing. I was amazed by the artistic part of it. Yes I’m an artist. Beyond saying that over and over to myself, I should work toward becoming the artist Steven Pressfield describes in the War of Art

No guilt stopping others from sucking your time. It’s your time. And you should preserve it religiously. So no guilt.

I sometimes don’t trust myself and start saying "That can’t be right. This isn’t work. I’m enjoying it…Work can\t be enjoyed". I should stop feeling guilty working on something I enjoy

Tomorrow I will be doing a camera zooming and framing of a "first draft" of the video animation, then go and find that sound. The anchors of Fox44 WCYB, blabllabla, the sound of the dump…dumping. The quiet musical notes in the background like in the IRA Glass video. The radio squeequing.

I just clicked randomly on Youtube without knowing the names on the title.

Shifting my focus back to reading and translating the meaning of the concepts. Nuggets, aha moments, Gems

I completed my animation on the 3rd day. The tail is swinging with the shadow on the back.

I learned how to use traced bitmap and turn them into svgs. That way I can have great video resolution. I’m enjoying the result. Although I’m thinking that I should focus on what I’m already good at.

I’m writing these here. I can just record my screen as I type. It’s the easiest for me right at this moment. And if I focus my energy I can start collecting results.

When the writing comes from the heart. Almost everything is… I don’t know what I’m saying.

I can make the simplest videos ever, A channel called. Me typing. I just called it Rafael Thinking.

I can just blog post on Youtube. The number of views will be just like a blog post, only no need for SEO and website.

ALright, we gonna celebraaate! One moore time!!

I feel the pain in my tooth, but I grateful that I could heal it. And My abs habit is in. Habits are really powerful.

That all I do. Just my habit.

So as I said. I need to shift my energy in what I;m already good at and I can progress with. I read books and I can translate what they say into meaningful example, illustration, examples to others so they can grasp the concept. Because you can be a fan of something, like a movie or something, and you’d enjoy someone ma,ing a short clip smartly referencing what he knows and what you know too. Because you both watched the movie.

Well the book summary should be for those who have already read it. But the people that pass by, the onlookers, they will be attracted by knowing what we’re talking about, asking "What’s the reference".

Doing the work early and practising

Today was a good day.

I enjoyed the time where I controlled my reaction and restrained from judging my parents talking to me. I listened carefully.

I new challenge has come. Unexpected. I’m quite upset about it. But it’s ok. Because it’s out of my control. I have greater things to focus on in the world than teaching a teenager how to take care of a puppy.

I should keep focusing on producing my short films in the morning. ENjoy my day…etc.. As I said few days before.

That’s it. I’m uncomfortable to think now. I’ll try to go to sleep

Counterbalancing and focusing on the ONE thing

Yes I believe that what the ONE thing book is true.

If I focus on only achieving ONE thing, the Extreme Pareto One thing that yield most of the result, then it becomes effortless. Instead of self-discipline, habit is more powerful and durable. Instead of believing in the myth of balanced work and life, I should work toward counterbalancing my work and life activities.

Like the rope walker, a tit on the right, a tit on the left. It certainly gives the illusion that he is balanced on his rope, but in fact is more counterbalancing his diverging movement to right and left.

I believe that I have my ONE thing. I enjoy Art, and it’s something I can read and write about, not endlessly, but I can see myself doing that for the next 5 years to say the least.

Think of how art is wonderful illustration of life philosophies, that the remains of ancient civilizations and human life can to some degree speak of their daily life, but their art relates their daily dreams, and beliefs, and philosophies.

Think about how art and the economics of art so related and at the same time so taboo to match or talk about. How art and money and related, and how money, something I spent few years studying can be approached from the Art industry and starving artist point of view. The point of view that shows that there is no art without money. I don’t know about money without art.

I dripped for 20 minutes today. I spent most of it reading the ONE thing and then working on tracking myself effortlessly, using ManicTime (at last).

It has become easier to track myself now. Ironically, I just learned if I do the most important ONE thing in a day, I don’t need to track myself for the rest of the day. From the moment I do the most important ONE thing, I don’t need to really if I spent the rest of the time surfing, wasting time, playing. I would become like Frank Underwood, pulling strings in congress and playing videogames by night.

I just need to re-simplify my day, like how I lived in Tangier. I will try a smaller, more ghetto form of it tomorrow, moving to 1st floor downstairs.

Hopefully that will yield to full focus and concentration of effort, then to relaxed time upstairs once I’m done with doing the most important ONE thing.

Did not have my best day, certainly due to the piggy food from last night

What went wrong today. I don’t what I have exactly accomplished today, but I feel that it didn’t fulfill my planned aspirations for today

I don;t know if it’s the oyster. The fact that I couldn’t finish my audio script for my video in the early morning. Or maybe, (now that I remember), because I didn’t sleep enough, I remember that I woke sleepy that morning.

But I fear that I become nonchalant and wanting to sleep more in the morning.

Or maybe the Piggy dinner I had last night, the nightmares that followed during the whole night-sleep, and the poor-quality rest I had as a result of it.

Nevertheless, I managed to edit the text of my audio. I understood that the audio comes first, before the animation. Listen to 2 podcasts, learned something, I guess, from it (like that ideas like Amazon selling can be good, but they are not good for me, at this stage of my development. Constraints are good, and Diamond Jones give some thought about that, and that I should focus on finding what I’m best at and bet my money on it)

Also I want to modify my answers of Seth Godin’s 10 questions. "What people say when they talk about me?" I guess explaining stuff complex stuff to them in a simpler, down to earth manner.

So now I know that the next day of a Piggy dinner will not be the best.

Tomorrow I want to just to record my voice.

And that’s it call it a day. Enjoy the fact you have still energy to learn how to use Python functions on Excel.

Discovering further layers on my self improvement track

I’m dripping. I guess. I don’t know by how much. I’m almost lost in a way because I have no idea how much I really produced today, or yesterday, or last week.

I’d feel more comfortable knowing. But it doesn’t drive a pain big enough to act and get my tracking system together back at where it was. I’m thinking about making 5 min tranches during the day, that includes the 24 hrs, so that intermittent sleep can be measured.

It’s actually all simple and I’m just complicating it in my mind.

I know i’m at screen # 6 in my Impressionist youtube video. Tomorrow first thing will be setting up that tracking system back on track. So I know what I’m talking about.

Apart from that, I don’t know where my day went. I watched bill burr. Had the 4 pm alarm get me back on track to produce some more screens on videoscribe but the music and guitar got the hold me, maybe for another 2 hrs, then I watch Antoine de Maximy in Mongolia, Then tried progressing a bit on videoscribe. Of course the the progress was minimal. "A bit" as I wanted. and my energy level generally permit.

What was interesting today was the 2nd QnA Derek Sivers made with Ferriss. Don’t remember much but I’ll be sure to go back to it. Then i read that "true marketing" Sean Dsouza, interesting.

I;m in a phase of questiong the meaning and the value of life and what I want to be. Happiness, success, as others refer to it. I’m certainly developing my own metric system for measuring my wellbeing. At least I started the process, because I know that money and cars is not exactly what I want. I found great similarity between Derek Sivers, his Introvert character and long-lasting focus as I am. I never heard of someone with long lasting focus, beside me, before.