Writing for a tribe instead

Hello again. i wrote almost everything on the other daily blogs.

I feel that my need to write is a monster eating all my energy reserves.

I should cut that out to the 20% that needs such energy.

The thing with this type of journalling is that I don;t need to research anything. I just tell my story. That’s why it is so enjoyable. And 20% blog should be the same: enjoyable.

I should not be feeling "oh crap, I have to create value to this people again"

I trust Seth Godin when he says that he enjoyed working on businesses that work more that on businesses that failed but he enjoyed working one. Buyakacha!

I nee to restrain, focus and make it count. What I’m doing right now doesn’t count, in term of 2050 goal, but it more counts for the long long term self-reflection. I’m not sure I’m helping anybody with this. I’m not sure that I’m helping myself.

But this writing feels quick though, I don’t feel it like a pain. Although there is good reason to believe that it’s pumping my energy.

This can turn to be a navel-gazing daily exercise, even if I do a lot of those already. I don’t know it doesn’t seem reasonable.

But what will I be replacing this with? Not sure… I’m not sure which tribe I want to cater. I have to find out. If I frame an activity that is more pertinent to my 2050 goal, then priorities will take order. This will vanish to be replaced by a more "catering" writing.


Progress on my bullshit animation!

I’m proud I’ve completed the part on the bullshit animation. I progressed and am learning faster.

I’m riding that learning curve, and I know that this is something I enjoy doing. Even not for the money, I think I’d love making videos and expressing my vision and thoughts.

I even remembered that originally, my art project started because I wanted to create an interactive timeline, FOR MYSELF. I love looking at chronological timelines of history. And situate events in time.

But I don’t know exactly how, (but I believe I can know), I worked more toward creating the website and write content for people to read. It wasn’t motivating enough for me so I can, after spending so much energy writing text about art event and artists, go and promote my content and backlinking and stuff.

You won’t succeed because you partly enjoy the project but are not as enthusiastic about some other part. Like I was excited to build a timeline, but was drained by the reading and writing of the articles. I couldn’t sustain doing the work because it didn’t feel rewarding.

I even botched the timeline and couldn’t find the energy to work on the timeline.svg I created on Illustrator.

I knew that flash wasn’t something for me. I never understood what it really is for. But now I understand that it’t exactly for the timeline animation I wanted to do for my Art project. Interactive animation on web. While After Effects is for making movies, short-movies.

So I’m on the right direction know. I just need to focus. Be at peace with the forces block my progress and be more resilient to their attacks..

Tomorrow I will use After Effects to get the fumes out of the stereos and do the camera scaling and filming. Then maybe I’ll start on the audio, the music and the effects.

I’m good

On a good start to make next days better than the previous

Ok we’re here. Downstairs. Alone. Quiet. Some cold. But it’s alriiiight…

"Think of life as 2 weeks experiments" Tim Ferriss said. So I’m here testing this. See what it yields.

The audio records seems like with good future. The fact that video wouldn’t work as smoothly made think of it as I constraint. A sign from the Gods that it may be beneficial to myself.

Like this full time artist blogging at Creative Live, the artwork becomes like a kid. You can’t always impose your own rules on it. Sometime you need to letting it grow on his own terms.

I should dig in that introvert INTJ classification shit. I know that in some capacity I’m an introvert, but I also get energy from others and can become a great social animal when required to do it live. I’m not tired of people around. Actually from the people around seem to be living on the same vibe and rythm as I am, I’m good. If I figure that they are pacing differently, generally slower than I am, then I’m put off and can’t wait to leave.

I spent almost half the day just cleaning this room. It was good sport. The only moment when I went to up that fucked up social gathering that my family consititutes, I got my full dose of pissed off.

But I should remember that I am not my feeling. And as much as my brain lures me into believing that what I have as emotions right now will remain in me forever, I must remember that it will float away. A soon as you open yourself to the pain, it disappears.

I wanted to do some reading. Unfortunately I did much more watching. Some of it was useful. Most of it is not directly getting me closer to the mountain.

To sleep, tomorrow will be a better day.

The tracking and pomodoro makes my day better

Today’s better.

Few nails knocked. Producing is gaining back it’s older levels. The "rest" I have been through the last 3 weeks, wasn’t much of a rest. I enjoyed it. Made sure I’m grateful and enjoy the present moment. But the truth is that I’m better fighting to accomplish my daily goals, and stepping further towards the mountain.

I’m drawing on videoscribe faster. The tracking system kind of structured my day better. I feel in control of my time know what has happened during the previous hours.

Also, what’s helping is the Pomodoro technique, I accidentally found in an downloaded software. It makes me work 25min then rest 5, all during a designed time of 4 hours. I will cal a 4 hour pomodoro work: one session.

I was much more effective during the pomodoro session, the second work period during my day was way less effective, was more because of the afternoon relaxed tempo or the absence of pomodoro technique. One way to know is to try to work the same thing during the morning without Pomodoro.

Also, my assessment of this morning is quite subjective. I don’t know if it;s the Pomodoro technique but the only thing that made e feel effective, was that I wasn’t tired, my energy levels were preserved ovetime.

How I envision my day to day work on this art project

Today was I good day. It was a resting day. I didn’t do much although I tried, and that’s the worst.

I sunk in the mayhem of css of the website. I need to be more methodical and wise about doing it than with westheadline.com

I can;t do that as I go. I need to list every change on the design of the site. Know exactly and enter it into the Scrum system. Don’t be fool about it.

I think that beside finding myself between the 2nd pillar post writing and design the website, I should first Scrum all this thing up. A Scrum every saturday morning is a necessity to keep my head on my shoulders.

So tomorrow my goal should be a Scrum planning. Updated after the ‘publishing’. I’ve got to envision my day to work on this project.

Thinking of articles. Being able to do my research online. Collect data and text. Proofread and publish as simply and easily as possible. No friction in that,

Then I envision myself having a "backlinking" databoard, where every step of my backlinking is tracked measured, and progressed with. My "backlinking outreach" should almost on a daily basis, in machine-fashion of doing.

Now that I did my gratefulness. Let me wrap up and say that I turned the first page of my book, and there are more to be read. And I think a Scrum plan is a page on it’s own/

Let’s focus and play the games that I can win

Feel so empty by the end of a non-early meditative day, I suspect, multi-tabs

I feel so empty and tire. Is it because I decided to not meditate in the morning. Maybe I got myself used to produce a lot in a day. And meditation has become an imperative for a fully functioning body during a normal day. Normal being, producing,

Ah man, that external resources have emptied my soul. How can something so simple and but repetitively exhausting?

I did actually take a nice nap. It’s become a sort of habit now. The least I can say is that it’s easier.

I can;t wait to publish that article tomorrow. I’ll have to set up the theme. See if I can torrent first, saving 50 bucks, then I publish my post.

Then "funny" part is to think of collecting backlinks. I’m confident with Brian Dean Backlinko advice. I can do it, I believe.

Also I want to publish the 2nd pillar article. That certainly will be about Famous artists and their lives. Or I need to make a choice. Maybe I’ll do famous paintings first.

The floor sitting is of great help. Bu I believe that I spent the day pretty dehydrated. I can be a reason for my exhaustion too.

You know, I feel like reading Kimmelman about art economics, and watch a documentary about art, and explore Dali and Picasso, and life of Lautrec and Paris in the turn of 20th century, so many things. But I feel the processing power to be limited and also don’t even picture how I can include that in a productive day. Just the doing the "work" takes a lot of time and energy, and focus, and discipline.

Ok, some well deserved rest. I must say that I planned and overdelivered on my afternoon after the rest I took. I knew how it was going to go, and actually spent my afternoon better than I expected. All thanks to the tracking system

Oh actually, I did meditate, 3 hrs in my day. I don;t know maybe that it’s just too much overload. Or I just wasn’t focus enough. Yeah probably. I remember spending a big chunk of my time lost between the infinite tabs and multiple posts I’m reading at the same time.

Objective achieved. On the right direction. I keep on walking

I have completed 15 scrum points. That includes proofreading and collecting images.

I can understand now why I have no energy in reading about hosting and wordpress and plugins and all the bozo.

Progress is certainly here. Reading the original articles and sources that put me into this in the first place makes me feel good, and reminds me how I should be my project now.

The energy has been managed somehow. The resting attempted by midday wwas benefecial, although it took a big chunk of time. I don’t know what is the optimum resting amount and how it can improved for a better "2 days instead of 1" scheme.

Probably an early rise could get me a nice rest by 1pm then on to the next "day". With this technique, today, I have put 7 effective hours of work. Not bad.

The need to go for a walk is here though. I feel better listening to the podcasts while walking. There should be a way to incorporate walking, podcast and then afterwards resting. Or the opposite: Eating, resting, and walking/podcasting. We’ll experiment with that.

All good. Some humor watching will be much appreciated.