Following a simple a plan

Jumping from a task to another. My brain was bubbling.

See… that’s a test for how self-aware I really am. I don’t really recall what I did. It’s just a mess of different readings I did. Some Listening. "Selling the invisible". Then Derek Sivers, but mostly me self-writing about my approach and how I intend to reinforce others’ worldviews.

You should know that it’s all meaningless. If you keep being self-conscious about what they think it will never heal.

So what I did was mostly trying to write down my thoughts. The chain of reflective interrogations led me to different paths.

Then I felt overwhelmed. I remembered simplicity and ONEthing-ness. Which I did.

I figured that people draw positivity from one major thing to another. For example reading books means they will understand the world better, that gives them encouragement and persuade to act, they feel excited and supported to reach results. And if they believe in themselves, they reach what they envisioned.

It’s just a matter of belief.

Let’s keep this simple. And work from paper and pencil. Draw a plan, follow it until something appears wrong. Make changes, tweaks here and there and keep at it.

If you want to receive wisdom of my readings, here is the link.


Taking up the battle of daily text production

Today was an ok day. Not deserving a judgment anyway.

I just thought out what I should do. And that means focusing on what I’m good at already. I’m good at reading and discovering ideas. I’m energetic about thinking up concepts and finding a new way of looking at something. I enjoy listening and learning from the wisdom of others.

Look there are plenty of books out there, and no one can talk about them all. If someone like Fightmediocrity is trying something like that, he needs help. Because there is so much more to show the world.

I will not be the same person if I haven’t read the books I’ve read. And most these authors wouldn’t have written those books if they haven;t read their other books. So that’s my project. My work. My art.

Where I’m good at and can enjoy being better at it. That’s where I can make a difference in the world. Of course I need thankyou notes so I can survive doing it. But that’s not essential.

I’d like to read that book about Debt actually. Knowing that money has been created just people needed to keep record the debt of what each one has makes the whole money thing chance significantly for me.

Will I reread when I write? I doubt it. It needs to remain true and authentic.
When do I need to start? Tomorrow. Saturday 13 Feb. I think that almost the same date I started isnotagame. Just jump on self writing after listening to maybe an audiobook or just write something straight out of your mind.

It doesn’t have to be long and you know that.

Ok so you know what you’re doing tomorrow morning. Apart from that. Yes I’m leaving the animated cartoons as a labor of love which I do when, and only when, I enjoy doing it. I’m professional when it comes to producing text on a daily basis. That’s game I want to play. That’s the battle that I chose.

On Starting a gallery, how to read books, Time tracking and scratching own itch

It’s 9.36 pm. Things are getting mixed, but it’s alright I’m not a robot.

I spent the day chilling, making a new version of my TimeTracker on Excel, work like a charm, will be more automatic and efficient.

Regarding money making, I did not work on that. And I’m more thinking about how becoming the best rather than how to make money, because the money will follow anyway if I;m the best. So it’s more interesting to focus on being the best in what I choose to undertake.

When this principle applies to the art project, being the best means getting the best traffic possible, interaction, making something people love. I discovered that FightMediocrity channel, it’s interesting how he is making a name for himself without mentioning ANY name whatsoever of himself. Not even an alias or a nickname, because the viewer (me) doesn’t care about the guy’s name. Yeah it can be handy to remember the guy and stuff, but hey, I’ve got FightMediocrity ingrained in my brain.

The format is simple, he is doing something he loves. It apparently been a year that he is doing that. Pretty much like the daily blogging that I did on isnotagame.

Just putting great work and value out there, a little promotion and give it patience and some time. Actually focus on other things and make the content productions become habits in where you don’t think much about it. You’d do it almost everyday for yourself anyway.

Like what I did with the Excel time tracking today. I’d do it anyway. I’m scratching my own itch.

The good news is that learning about picasso, matisse and the art market and most importantly how to start a gallery is something that I’m interested in anyway. I would totally spend ,y time researching and learning how I can launch my own gallery and live my dream of being an art gallerist.

So these are the fields that look attractive to me today:
1-Understanding and situating art through time and history
2-Learning how I can become a gallery owner in the future in a place like Sao Paulo, London or Paris, or New York
3-Programming and develop software that make (finally) technology to good use for human improvement.

I enjoyed the 4.00am reading. It stuck with me and the new How to read technique of Gary hoover has made more confident in making the books mine. Controlling what I choos eto read and what not. Cutting out the ‘sacrality’ of book on me. I’m the human, they are the objects.

Even if fails, what do I gain?

I should be thinking this way all the time. Always defining the bottom line of what’s the worst that can happen.

I can do my book writing in a form of habit in which I write everyday. I hope to be able to start tomorrow morning. Do my writing peacefully before starting anything else.

It can be a good experience in which I gain. I gain the beauty of starting early. Focusing one thing at a time.

One important lesson is that I would feel less alone in my endeavors knowing that the people that inspire me through their writing and conversations are supporting me. I felt a bit isolated when I spent the week working by myself. I little reading and conversation listening reminds me that I am not out there against the world. To the contrary, I part of a world movement of freedom seeking. It just helps. I get more ideas. I take my thinking forward and keep my morale up.

Always remember to surround yourself with the people that are backing you up and are there to support you.

Reading and Learning my morning out

Let’s review today.

Started "effectively" at 10 am after mindfulness and breathing.

Don’t remember which came first. But I read few pages of the finances part of Personal MBA. Then, watched Ramit and Tim Earn1k video together. It showed me that I was on a good path. Market "Interview" is the way to start a business. Making these first steps to be ingrained in my business principles. And I’m on the right way of being a serial-entrepreneur. Also, a business is not only about maximizing profits. I learned that from Personal MBA. It’s a creative endeavor that, if sufficiently financed, will let you start even more creative endeavors.

Speaking of entrepreneurs, they both introduced me to Derek Sivers. It was surprising because I just read a introduction of his book Anything You Want by Seth Godin. Hearing about about this guy twice the same hour made me no hesitant. Found his blog. Paul Graham style. Full of free value, just like that. Shop until you drop. "I believe that giving is the best way of getting." or something around these words. Powerful.

Jumped onto his activities "right now". He loved Personal MBA and another book I heard so much about: So god they can’t ignore you.

Another apparently interesting book I encountered twice today was Built to Sell by John Warrillow.

A lot of reading coming on the way. Also read the first third of The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Initially to please a friend, Then bumped onto a confirmation of a beautiful principle: a great army is made of independent self-learning, initiative-taking soldiers. I firmly believe that my reading pace is in harmony with my progress. Progress in what? you ask.

Well, I reviewed myself (and this is one new way I’m experimenting with in reviewing myself). I found that since my – what I like to call Rebirth, at age 25 – I consistently worked on two areas. Expanding my creativity and Improving my resources.

All I do since January 2014 revolves around these two themes.

I writing this because I seek to have an objective proof of my being. That I can transcend my physical limitations and evolve with space and time. The biggest of my energy seems to peak in the morning. I kind of wished I were a night owl. One of those creatives that find inspiration in the midst of the night. Receiving farewell from my muses when the dawn breaks by. Or whatever..

But I’m here to learn about how I function best. I solved a problem trailing behind me for quite some time. Now It’s done. On an afternoon. It seems to show that rules are to be verified by exceptions. And I seek to be one of them.

How can I still write a daily post after all of this? Everyday. Ask the question again next time. I’m not ready to reflect on your complaints for now.