On failing faster, and expecting some time before results

Focusing on one thing at a time may be not "human" but I don’t recall expressing satisfaction on multiple projects at a time.

I’m happy with my work when it consisted of one specific objective I’ve been working towards for the previous days, or weeks.

Spent the day trying to come up with an objective. Finding a new route toward next objective. I must fail faster than this. It becomes easier when you know it doesn;t work this way.

You may believing in your project, in the effort you put in. But let’s not be romantic and just get it to face the adversity of the elements. Build the project. Ship it to the realms of the universe, and wait for that echo sound…."FAIL !"

I start to believe when I hear Seneca saying great leaps only happen overtime. Mastery according to George Leonard happens in small bursts of improvements that add up overtime. And James Alutcher explaining that you should expect results, if any, only after 5 years.

The details may be wrong, but let’s agree that the above are three examples, over 2 millennia, that came across today stating that it takes time to truly sink in the wisdom into your subconscious.

28,000 days. That’s what you have left to live. So think about what was great today and continue thinking of what will make the day great tomorrow.

At least I delivered some thoughts. Written down so gratefulness. Assembled a video log (yes video log). And learned a bit more. Not enough to feel accomplished today but let’s trust the process of wisdom sinking within you over time.

I want to write this, I feel good every time I do: "The professional masters how and leave what and why to the Gods"


Copywriting, influence, sales. Entrepreneurship, and animation on the side

Fortunately I saved the day by having this idea of helping others on quora. On sites where people would need my advice.

It’s not a easy come easy go kind of thing. But we’ll see.

Aside from that I figured that making money is something very meaningful to me. Because it the hard metric that you can’t lie about if you want to measure how much value you add to the world.

Say what you like but money is good indicator for how much people need your energy, effort and work. I’m sure there are glitches to this concept but nevertheless.

I completely didn;t touch animation. It’s indeed a labor of love. A side project. I’m more about making money really. I just figured that doing things I love lead to making money but there are different timelines to foloow. Something with long–term results like animations. Something with shorter-term results like entrepreneurship online and cashings online.

I don;t know yet how I will go about it but we’ll figure out. I’m honing my skills nevertheless. The Sugarman copywriter is amazing, if it works on me it will work on others. Indeed a book is an entire life wisdom for you just to be discovered.

The spicy honey and the Sara Shaw stories are interesting cases that really appealed to me. I want to be entrepreneur and make money from it. I need that in my life.

Tomorrow I’ll outline strategies possible for the next 2 weeks. As I usually do. I guess reading sales, copywriting, Influence. These are core skills that I’m willing to hone in the coming days.

Animation life story idea

At least I animated that thing today. The man walking. I started the morning trying, couldn’t figure it out. Went to eat, surf, get some work given by others. Distract myself with. Thank god I put that mixergy interview on. Of that woman, after designing costumes for hollywood, designed bags, rented empty space for big bucks and is teaching entrepreneurs while she failed at her business.

Seriously you need the guts to teach entrepreneurs how to run a business while yours was bankrupt. I need her name right now. Sarah Shaw. She is doing it Ramit style.

I can learn that. Teaching entrepreneuship while failing at my business buildling. I can "consult" online just like her and make others learn from my mistakes.

Maybe what I just said is key. Generally we learn from Warren Buffet’s mistakes, not his accomplishment. I guess. So I can introduce myself. Hey, I’m Rafael. As an entrepreneur, craftsman and self-learner, I’m here to help you not make the mistakes I made. Here is my story. I came out of college thinking that a piece of paper and a mark on it will make me receive at least 2000 pounds a months. I saw the apartment I would rent, the type of food. I budgeted in my mind the partying money I will set aside. The clothes and shopping money I would put on as my "disposable income". Then of course it was all wrong. I didn’t understand. I was frustrated. Less smarter friends made it the same way, I couldn’t. Depressed for a short days. Then massively curious. Massively curious about what is wrong with me.

I stumbled on articles. I read blog post. I became interested on life stories of others. I started by reading those I thought I should model. Being in Finance. I looked for the traders, the brokers. Met some, got friends with some others. Digging down the rabbit hole. I found that those that loved their life were not those traders and brokers. I stumbled on other stories. Flickering through the different lifestyle. Day patterns. Worldviews. Then found Tim Ferriss.

I thought that;s exactly what I wanted to do. I used to call it: "being plural". I wanted to model that. I tried his advice. The more I reach and the more I rabbit holes I find.

Let me share with you what I saw. And let’s dig up those tunnels together. Let’s cross our mutual tunnels and share some thoughts and give direction on where to dig next.

I want to animate this story. The original sub-gallery. All upholstered. Comfortable. Shining. Comfort zone I was living in and wanted to stay. Then couldn’t move to the next gallery. Finance, money, party. Then started to make my hands dirty. Nose full with dirt. Parents coming over to meet me in my tunnel, asking me to come back to the original gallery. I stumble upon Tim Ferriss super sophisticated drilling machine. Collecting gems. Seth Godin machine. Derek Siver’s… And I continue drilling.

Let’s keep honing the skills. The skills to better express myself

This a lot of content I am producing out in one day.

Am I trying new things? Yes. Am I just staying busy? Probably. There is a chance.

I enjoyed editing this video. Surprised when it was a vlog of 22 min. I did take a lot of footage. Trying a different thing: long form.

We’ll see what happens.

As I said in the vlog. I have decided that I don’t want to teach. Per se. I’m more like wanting to express myself. Like Seth Godin, Casey. Ferriss. I don;t really want to have a course. It’s not that I don;t really want. I’d love the easy money from packaging a product and making a course.

But I should keep my focus in doing something I love and enjoy.

But most importantly. What I found eye opening today was that I need to understand the people that I want to add value to in a deep sense. Maybe more than they do themselves. Like when I helped Tato. I knew exactly what he was after. I knew exactly what he desired from his trip to London. And I gave him exactly that. And he enjoyed knowing as friend.

Need to keep up animating. Expressing. Reading, Honing the skills.

Progressing anyways. No time waste

Indeed there is no anger or fear when there is Gratefulness.

Priming is indeed something essential. I’m constantly affected by my environment. If my environment is soothing then I’m soothing. If my environment is hectic then I’m hectic.

I enjoyed listening to Sekou Andrews, that slam rapper. The guy makes a living out of Poetry. Yes the thing that everyone hates since the age of 7 in elementary school. Tony Robins reminded me also that if there gratefulness, there is no anger nor fear.

I learned how to animate using after effects and Illustrator. The process is much easier than what I was struggling to do back with Flash. I knew something was wrong. Now I trust myself even more when I notice things like that. That there has to be a better way.

I was thinking about going back to isnotagame. If there is something that enjoyed doing everyday, with no interruption, it was that. Words of wisdom and people were listening. I was steadily making my place. I should keep up at that. Let me write that there..I’ll be back soon.

Ok. Done.

I feel hungry but no super excited to go to eat. A solution for everything there exist. For my habit of priming/meditation/mindfulness whatever you want to call it and a solution for making my environment something that pulls me up. Wherever I go.

And that’s pretty much it. I follow Ramit course, bit by bit. Not reaching the aha moment since that ‘creating value" moment. But tomorrow will be more about this.

Because I have an idea about what I enjoy and what I want to do. And NOW I know that Ramit actually gave a timeline in Year1 then Year 2 the Year 3. So I’m good about that.

It;s strange because after going through scams and advice that is fake you start looking for those that promise results in the long-term. But I was somewhat like that already. never enjoyed scammy things anyway.

Ok, some food and to sleep.

The superb gratification of helping others with my ideas and directives

it’s pretty much said in the vlog. Yes I can use that word now.

I express myself differently over there. It’s interesting. I do things here and there for myself and solely for myself.

I don’t what’s the value in doing these, but I’m sure some value is to be taken.

Talking about value, I restarted Ramit’s course. And that mindset of getting money for "creating value" is now more pertinent. As it’s not a same size pie. I CREATE value. If I do nothing, that means this value will not be there. Money is for CREATE value. Keep in mind that. You are not stealing from no one.

I successfully uploaded a udemy course, yes I can do that in a day now. If there were a system of every now and then I will set up a course, the law of LARGE NUMBERS would certainly play in my favor.

But this whole course is just on the side. Of course, I’m not sure if it helps when it comes to thinking ONE thing. I diverging my energy here.

But ultimately I’m doing these as exercises to use the video and audio tools I have. I practive and get faster and getting things done with them. yes, I’m building skills.

Ultimately, I know what I want ideally. Express my thoughts my ideas, and people listening to them. Taking my advice. It’s so gratifying. Like when I coached Tato find that superb work in a bar while he had no experience. I took him from scratch. Built his CV, walked with him, coached him what to say. He thought I was nice. But I was thining I was nice, but I felt a sense of gratification much greater than anything I felt before. Even Pilar, my ex-girlfriend I reminisce the time when I helped here with her English. And Linda when I gave her all the listing of art galleries and art prospects she could have. In one night. And the other people that I helped achieving what they wanted to achieve.

I should go back to my facebook conversation and see what I was enjoying talking about. Maybe I will be just looking for comfirmation of my bias thta I have right now. But that’s fine. I feel that it’s finally the time where I’m stronger than my past. And the book Sapiens helped me a lot in getting that perspective.

Helping others with you directives and advice is so gratifying. And my nugget idea lies in doing so. You hear me Ramit?

Goals is not a primal thing in homo-sapiens. that’s what’s James Alutcher said in that quora post. Such a relief so no goal setting. I know that at least no deadline setting, that’s for sure, especially after listening to Ramit’s course today. But goal setting too?

So how is the evolved version of goal-setting then?

Did a lot and still feel like I haven;t done much today.

But definetely progressed in my walk toward the — no…no mountain…I guess.

“Let’s see what happens” and going to sleep happy

I uploaded my videos of the course. I just need to send it for review. Let me finish Tony Wilson biography.

So it’s there. Submitted for review. In 2 days. That’s what I’m most proud.

And I’m even more proud by the "let’s see what happens" attitude I’m adopting. This world and time is meaningless compared to hugeness of space-time universe. So let’s chill. Even if I kill somebody, it’s still meaningless compared to the universe.

I read and listened to Robert Greene, wanted to know more about the bio of Paul Graham but found only geeky silicon valley "next thing" interviews. But still curious about how Paul learned painting in Florence before coming back to New York then SF.

I also listened to Casey Neistat podcast. There is much more value in listening to his wisdom and podcast when it comes to learning the principle. His videos serve as illustrations of his work, so it’s still good to watch.

Uploaded 2 videos my vlog post of yesterday doing the Udemy thing and the Fireworks day video.

Sleeping nourished and happy. Quiet and peaceful. And getting ready tomorrow for reading more and trying out things.

The Nathan for you way

I’m happy with today. I had an idea this morning and now I sleep tonight with all work done on it. Just the time for the videos to upload.

teaching filmmaking, but the "Nathan for you" way. Is it legal? We will find out.

I worked just on that. I recorded myself while doing it. Let me just record myself now, now that I’m waiting for the upload to finish, or leave it for the night uploading the whole videos. But it’s pretty much all done.

So I vlogged. All good maybe watch that animation…or not. Just 70s show, Futurama or Simpsons and I’ll be fine to go to sleep.

I’m doing great and should continue with the same project

I’m grateful to the gods that made me find that "Girl from Ipanema" just randomly on a Simpsons episode before I go to sleep.

From the hundreds of episodes, I just watched the right one at the right. It’s a sign that the gods are with me. I seek to thank them and want show them my dedication I’m worth their regards.

I do not intend to upload animation every week, but I still want to upload on a "consistent basis". There is no such thing as inspiration. Just motivation. And motivation comes from doing.

Regarding Power, now that I’m reading Robert Greene, there is no doubt that power is exerted on me unconsciouly from people around me. It’s a survival mechanism. I’m sure Trump is a natural. He doesn’t think about the things he says. But he is spot on when it comes to exerting power and influence on others.

It’s amazing. Even when I heard him the first time, I started thinking "well I can see this guy doing the job" maybe a shitty job, but it is conceivable to see him in office. That’s crazy.

the same happens with mother, sister, father, it’s a subconscious fight for survival. But apparently the higher your IQ, the lower your EQ. I’m not sure I have a high IQ but I definitely have a low EQ. And I can learn.

Now I notice that as soon as I flinch with my speed, my posture, my eyesight, others jump to eat me alive. It’s time for me to learn the principles for the rest of my time on this planet.

I just used Rhino 5 this afternoon. Just for fun. Trying to reproduce the Arena dream I had several times on my sleep. It takes a bit of time to re-engage with the mechanisms I learned. But I can take it back anytime. The same whit any language I learned. It’s like a bicycle.

Regarding my animation upload, I’m super proud and super employing terms Americans say. No seriously, I guess it’s been 2 weeks. And I learned stuff. I certainly want to embark on the next ship, but want to do some Ramit listening and Robert Greene Reading. I can do that slowly get back in shape for the next sprint.

Which sprint. I don’t know for now. I want to make a course, basically what I wrote in my two pillar articles about Modern art in a video. Put a price tage on it and forget it. I would be able to use the animation and stuff I know about graphics and visuals. It doesn;t have to be drastic. I can see the whole "movement by movement" and a visual timeline where I go through in a visual way. A 2 – 3 weeks work deserves it. I can win some money, and I can lose pretty much nothing because I learned the tools anyways.

The Modern Art course can also be the next animation project. I just need to know for whom is it going to be.

I guess students are the biggest shortcut takers, and they’d like a shortcut. But I don’t know if they have assignments or reports about Modern Art history. I need to know their assignments, yes in art school.

Yes, market first, before product.

To sleep, relax my back and think healthy back if you want to continue trying out things.

I found my audio and video pieces but had to watch so much time-trash

Looking for audio and video material is always hard. It exposes to many luring things to watch and listen and read. It must be so hard to cut through he crap and go right to my objective of picking up what I need. But because I don’t know exactly where it is to be picked up, I have to watch and read and listen to so many different stuff.

A media researcher is a hard job. Doing those archive work of collecting the tits and bits that make someone contradict himself is not easy because you need great focus not to diverge your effort and energy from the right channel.

Even yesterday I ended up watching Justin Bieber roast, because I ran into so many videos and stuff. And of course I had to bump on something amazing in the media world.

So mission accomplished. I guess I had to watch all this shit in order to collect all this shit. It’s a must in this field.

I’m now also thinking that if I want to make daily videos I just try to do my videos in one take. Live. Like Saturday Night Live.

So yeah (Nathan style). Seriously life is so short and the world is so meaningless to worry about what others think. Seriously. Like I should worry if people like my un-edited video of myself filming.

I just did. I’m posting an edited video