And I came across Deep Work

Well, some things will change here…

If it’s not helping what I intend to Deep Work on, I don’t do it.

I intend to Deep work on my writing skills and make my writing more compelling. Therefore, excessive writing tasks are not intense enough to yield valuable results.

My goal is to have valuable and rare results.

I originally journaled because I felt it freed me a little bit from the day. But this is not a focused journal. If it were a journal about how I’m progressing on my Deep Work, like I scoreboard, then it would be helpful.

Otherwise, all of the self-writing that alleviates my brain processing of thought is much being done on my Notepad on Excel. It’s timed and easily accessible.

If it doesn’t help turn my writing into compelling writing, then I don’t do it. That’s the rule for the next weeks, at least.


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