I’m on the right path, the simplified one

Here we are.

You are the 4 account I’m writing on. There is certainly a lot of writing. But I think it’s good. Because I asking questions from different angles. I just feel tired doing it now because I spent the afternoon bingeing on the only series I watch…And will ever watch.

Seriously. This seems pointless. I just want to liberate my brain from the stress of knowing that I missed watching that season. I though "well, one day a year wouldn’t hurt".

It actually physically does. It hurts my brain. And I don’t know why. Just of fear of missing out. That’s evident.

Oh well, let;s get this over with.

other than that, I did find my first burning pain. I expressed an interesting point about my last 2 years and how i changed.

How I had no marks when I started. Why Noah Kagan course didn’t help me. How I radically changed all my activities therefore making me have few interests, and few places that I can leverage for information, for burning pain research, for knowing a niche I can cater,

But after all this time. I developed and got deeper in my then-new interest. I know what is building websites, SEO, the entrepreneurs community. I also read a lot more. I saw businesses go up. I programmed, I exercised. I saw what it’s like to fail on a business idea. But got up. And for the first time, re-starting the loop over again.

So I’m on the right path. I feel confident. Especially that I massively reduced and simplified my days.

The only thing that I feel it’s urgent to setup. Is weekly goals. Adopt a weekly vision of my progress, I don’t have activities that I do "every week". I failed to develop that. I can do daily habits, but haven’t succeeded at weekly habits. But I’m sure I will come up with something.


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