Believing is enough. That’s all you need.

Just believing in something is enough in achieving it.

Tactics and how-to’s are secondary.

When you want to make a sandwich for the first time. You don’t go search for the best way to do it.. You just go and make. You believe that you can make it and have lunch. No complications needed.

So the same goes for any objective you have. If you truly believe it will be achieved. It will be achieved. It’s just a matter of belief.

I know that I can doubt myself from time to time. That’s why I write down things. I just want my future self to be aware that I once thought this way.

Ultimately I think I can outsource the fact of believing in myself. I can just encourage others in believing in what I "used to say". Then following the logic of them getting their worldviews reinforced by once said words, they will succeed themselves and prove my saying right.

It’s complicated. But I’ve put down my chain of thought on my notepad. It’s about 3 hrs worth of thinking and writing. Non-stop.

I’m grateful I’m keeping at my habits. I think that I should be doing them less with my consciousness and let myself flow I little bit. I’m tried of caring about anybody things.

Seriously. It’s emptying my batteries.

Do more of these, the less you’ll care.


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