On failing faster, and expecting some time before results

Focusing on one thing at a time may be not "human" but I don’t recall expressing satisfaction on multiple projects at a time.

I’m happy with my work when it consisted of one specific objective I’ve been working towards for the previous days, or weeks.

Spent the day trying to come up with an objective. Finding a new route toward next objective. I must fail faster than this. It becomes easier when you know it doesn;t work this way.

You may believing in your project, in the effort you put in. But let’s not be romantic and just get it to face the adversity of the elements. Build the project. Ship it to the realms of the universe, and wait for that echo sound…."FAIL !"

I start to believe when I hear Seneca saying great leaps only happen overtime. Mastery according to George Leonard happens in small bursts of improvements that add up overtime. And James Alutcher explaining that you should expect results, if any, only after 5 years.

The details may be wrong, but let’s agree that the above are three examples, over 2 millennia, that came across today stating that it takes time to truly sink in the wisdom into your subconscious.

28,000 days. That’s what you have left to live. So think about what was great today and continue thinking of what will make the day great tomorrow.

At least I delivered some thoughts. Written down so gratefulness. Assembled a video log (yes video log). And learned a bit more. Not enough to feel accomplished today but let’s trust the process of wisdom sinking within you over time.

I want to write this, I feel good every time I do: "The professional masters how and leave what and why to the Gods"


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