Copywriting, influence, sales. Entrepreneurship, and animation on the side

Fortunately I saved the day by having this idea of helping others on quora. On sites where people would need my advice.

It’s not a easy come easy go kind of thing. But we’ll see.

Aside from that I figured that making money is something very meaningful to me. Because it the hard metric that you can’t lie about if you want to measure how much value you add to the world.

Say what you like but money is good indicator for how much people need your energy, effort and work. I’m sure there are glitches to this concept but nevertheless.

I completely didn;t touch animation. It’s indeed a labor of love. A side project. I’m more about making money really. I just figured that doing things I love lead to making money but there are different timelines to foloow. Something with long–term results like animations. Something with shorter-term results like entrepreneurship online and cashings online.

I don;t know yet how I will go about it but we’ll figure out. I’m honing my skills nevertheless. The Sugarman copywriter is amazing, if it works on me it will work on others. Indeed a book is an entire life wisdom for you just to be discovered.

The spicy honey and the Sara Shaw stories are interesting cases that really appealed to me. I want to be entrepreneur and make money from it. I need that in my life.

Tomorrow I’ll outline strategies possible for the next 2 weeks. As I usually do. I guess reading sales, copywriting, Influence. These are core skills that I’m willing to hone in the coming days.


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