Animation life story idea

At least I animated that thing today. The man walking. I started the morning trying, couldn’t figure it out. Went to eat, surf, get some work given by others. Distract myself with. Thank god I put that mixergy interview on. Of that woman, after designing costumes for hollywood, designed bags, rented empty space for big bucks and is teaching entrepreneurs while she failed at her business.

Seriously you need the guts to teach entrepreneurs how to run a business while yours was bankrupt. I need her name right now. Sarah Shaw. She is doing it Ramit style.

I can learn that. Teaching entrepreneuship while failing at my business buildling. I can "consult" online just like her and make others learn from my mistakes.

Maybe what I just said is key. Generally we learn from Warren Buffet’s mistakes, not his accomplishment. I guess. So I can introduce myself. Hey, I’m Rafael. As an entrepreneur, craftsman and self-learner, I’m here to help you not make the mistakes I made. Here is my story. I came out of college thinking that a piece of paper and a mark on it will make me receive at least 2000 pounds a months. I saw the apartment I would rent, the type of food. I budgeted in my mind the partying money I will set aside. The clothes and shopping money I would put on as my "disposable income". Then of course it was all wrong. I didn’t understand. I was frustrated. Less smarter friends made it the same way, I couldn’t. Depressed for a short days. Then massively curious. Massively curious about what is wrong with me.

I stumbled on articles. I read blog post. I became interested on life stories of others. I started by reading those I thought I should model. Being in Finance. I looked for the traders, the brokers. Met some, got friends with some others. Digging down the rabbit hole. I found that those that loved their life were not those traders and brokers. I stumbled on other stories. Flickering through the different lifestyle. Day patterns. Worldviews. Then found Tim Ferriss.

I thought that;s exactly what I wanted to do. I used to call it: "being plural". I wanted to model that. I tried his advice. The more I reach and the more I rabbit holes I find.

Let me share with you what I saw. And let’s dig up those tunnels together. Let’s cross our mutual tunnels and share some thoughts and give direction on where to dig next.

I want to animate this story. The original sub-gallery. All upholstered. Comfortable. Shining. Comfort zone I was living in and wanted to stay. Then couldn’t move to the next gallery. Finance, money, party. Then started to make my hands dirty. Nose full with dirt. Parents coming over to meet me in my tunnel, asking me to come back to the original gallery. I stumble upon Tim Ferriss super sophisticated drilling machine. Collecting gems. Seth Godin machine. Derek Siver’s… And I continue drilling.


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