Let’s keep honing the skills. The skills to better express myself

This a lot of content I am producing out in one day.

Am I trying new things? Yes. Am I just staying busy? Probably. There is a chance.

I enjoyed editing this video. Surprised when it was a vlog of 22 min. I did take a lot of footage. Trying a different thing: long form.

We’ll see what happens.

As I said in the vlog. I have decided that I don’t want to teach. Per se. I’m more like wanting to express myself. Like Seth Godin, Casey. Ferriss. I don;t really want to have a course. It’s not that I don;t really want. I’d love the easy money from packaging a product and making a course.

But I should keep my focus in doing something I love and enjoy.

But most importantly. What I found eye opening today was that I need to understand the people that I want to add value to in a deep sense. Maybe more than they do themselves. Like when I helped Tato. I knew exactly what he was after. I knew exactly what he desired from his trip to London. And I gave him exactly that. And he enjoyed knowing as friend.

Need to keep up animating. Expressing. Reading, Honing the skills.


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