Progressing anyways. No time waste

Indeed there is no anger or fear when there is Gratefulness.

Priming is indeed something essential. I’m constantly affected by my environment. If my environment is soothing then I’m soothing. If my environment is hectic then I’m hectic.

I enjoyed listening to Sekou Andrews, that slam rapper. The guy makes a living out of Poetry. Yes the thing that everyone hates since the age of 7 in elementary school. Tony Robins reminded me also that if there gratefulness, there is no anger nor fear.

I learned how to animate using after effects and Illustrator. The process is much easier than what I was struggling to do back with Flash. I knew something was wrong. Now I trust myself even more when I notice things like that. That there has to be a better way.

I was thinking about going back to isnotagame. If there is something that enjoyed doing everyday, with no interruption, it was that. Words of wisdom and people were listening. I was steadily making my place. I should keep up at that. Let me write that there..I’ll be back soon.

Ok. Done.

I feel hungry but no super excited to go to eat. A solution for everything there exist. For my habit of priming/meditation/mindfulness whatever you want to call it and a solution for making my environment something that pulls me up. Wherever I go.

And that’s pretty much it. I follow Ramit course, bit by bit. Not reaching the aha moment since that ‘creating value" moment. But tomorrow will be more about this.

Because I have an idea about what I enjoy and what I want to do. And NOW I know that Ramit actually gave a timeline in Year1 then Year 2 the Year 3. So I’m good about that.

It;s strange because after going through scams and advice that is fake you start looking for those that promise results in the long-term. But I was somewhat like that already. never enjoyed scammy things anyway.

Ok, some food and to sleep.


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