“Let’s see what happens” and going to sleep happy

I uploaded my videos of the course. I just need to send it for review. Let me finish Tony Wilson biography.

So it’s there. Submitted for review. In 2 days. That’s what I’m most proud.

And I’m even more proud by the "let’s see what happens" attitude I’m adopting. This world and time is meaningless compared to hugeness of space-time universe. So let’s chill. Even if I kill somebody, it’s still meaningless compared to the universe.

I read and listened to Robert Greene, wanted to know more about the bio of Paul Graham but found only geeky silicon valley "next thing" interviews. But still curious about how Paul learned painting in Florence before coming back to New York then SF.

I also listened to Casey Neistat podcast. There is much more value in listening to his wisdom and podcast when it comes to learning the principle. His videos serve as illustrations of his work, so it’s still good to watch.

Uploaded 2 videos my vlog post of yesterday doing the Udemy thing and the Fireworks day video.

Sleeping nourished and happy. Quiet and peaceful. And getting ready tomorrow for reading more and trying out things.


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