I’m doing great and should continue with the same project

I’m grateful to the gods that made me find that "Girl from Ipanema" just randomly on a Simpsons episode before I go to sleep.

From the hundreds of episodes, I just watched the right one at the right. It’s a sign that the gods are with me. I seek to thank them and want show them my dedication I’m worth their regards.

I do not intend to upload animation every week, but I still want to upload on a "consistent basis". There is no such thing as inspiration. Just motivation. And motivation comes from doing.

Regarding Power, now that I’m reading Robert Greene, there is no doubt that power is exerted on me unconsciouly from people around me. It’s a survival mechanism. I’m sure Trump is a natural. He doesn’t think about the things he says. But he is spot on when it comes to exerting power and influence on others.

It’s amazing. Even when I heard him the first time, I started thinking "well I can see this guy doing the job" maybe a shitty job, but it is conceivable to see him in office. That’s crazy.

the same happens with mother, sister, father, it’s a subconscious fight for survival. But apparently the higher your IQ, the lower your EQ. I’m not sure I have a high IQ but I definitely have a low EQ. And I can learn.

Now I notice that as soon as I flinch with my speed, my posture, my eyesight, others jump to eat me alive. It’s time for me to learn the principles for the rest of my time on this planet.

I just used Rhino 5 this afternoon. Just for fun. Trying to reproduce the Arena dream I had several times on my sleep. It takes a bit of time to re-engage with the mechanisms I learned. But I can take it back anytime. The same whit any language I learned. It’s like a bicycle.

Regarding my animation upload, I’m super proud and super employing terms Americans say. No seriously, I guess it’s been 2 weeks. And I learned stuff. I certainly want to embark on the next ship, but want to do some Ramit listening and Robert Greene Reading. I can do that slowly get back in shape for the next sprint.

Which sprint. I don’t know for now. I want to make a course, basically what I wrote in my two pillar articles about Modern art in a video. Put a price tage on it and forget it. I would be able to use the animation and stuff I know about graphics and visuals. It doesn;t have to be drastic. I can see the whole "movement by movement" and a visual timeline where I go through in a visual way. A 2 – 3 weeks work deserves it. I can win some money, and I can lose pretty much nothing because I learned the tools anyways.

The Modern Art course can also be the next animation project. I just need to know for whom is it going to be.

I guess students are the biggest shortcut takers, and they’d like a shortcut. But I don’t know if they have assignments or reports about Modern Art history. I need to know their assignments, yes in art school.

Yes, market first, before product.

To sleep, relax my back and think healthy back if you want to continue trying out things.


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