Let’s finish that video game at the hardest level

I just finished the animation editing. The panning and zooming.

I wanted to find that music of waiting in the elevator but couldn’t. I believe that it was is That 70’s show. But couldn’t find it. Anyway.

Now I have a choice to make, using some random "waiting music" like this 70s tv game show and get the shit done, move on and jump on next project (Udemy Art Moderne, Beverly hills room video shoot, Daily vloging of my thoughts-readings). Or continue searching for the perfect things.

I don’t want to enumerate the things in the music. It’s just the elevator music, then the FOx news, or the News network mashup they do in the Dailyshow or at LastweekTonight. I need to know how to turn it into radio sound and mix the sound together. With the screech between Radio/tv channel changes. But I won’t enumerate it, I said…

Enjoyed the 35 kettle-bell swings the 1 hr walk and Mixergy and that Irish Genius and Ferriss listening. Other than that I spend most of my day watching Nathan to you on Comedy central. Justin Beiber roast and Jeff Ross show. Conan and funny stuff on youtube.

I don’t know what.

I’m just reminiscing now how joyful and light my days were when I was doing the daily vlogs few weeks ago. I just had to deliver in the morning then the whole day is just bonus. I felt a sense of happiness. I truly applied the ONE thing those days. With animation time passes fast so I never end my day really. There is always things left to do, so never that sense of being "done for today".

I just re-examine all of that and choose. Which project can give me the most sense of reward ans accomplishment and ultimately "happiness". I was thrilled by that Ted talk of the Croatian guy travelling the world. I noticed I didn’t want exactly that. I figured I wanted my independence first and foremost before I get to go somewhere.

But why you want you’re independence? So you can go to THAT somewhere? Not exactly, not anymore. My independence has more meaning to me that just using the time and enjoy the fruits of my independence. Because I can work my way to receive lumps of cash just by manipulating people. But I don’t want that independence this way. I want to get it through my effort and without those people. It’s like wanting to finish a video game at the hardest level.

Let’s finish that video game at the hardest level.


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