I;m a happy person.

I knew that my passion would be linked to things that I flow through. Activities that make time goes so fast. That’s my thing.

I;m close to finishing that bullshit animation. I see the end of the tunnel now. I just need to colorize the background pink walls with colors that match the TV middle animation. Then I fix the Panning and zooming. Then choose the audio, find the Sound FX and put animation of sound waves through the stereos too.

I ate well today. Now I know that cauliflowers are key to long term nourishment and stomach satiation.

I also cleaned the room. And feel much better about it. I decide now that I will start the habit of making my bed when I wake up. Japanesically.

My teeth hurt a bit from the cake sugars I just ate. But it;s alright. I almost wasted all my time watching inception, but enjoyed listening to that 190 IQ geek with Tim Ferriss, I’ll listen to that again.

I found the stick for the camera I intend to use in the spare Iphone 4s. I’m excited about filming things and doing the next thing.

I enjoyed moving boxes and arranging stuff and cleaning. It was pleasing.

Time to shit and sleep.


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