No guilt! You do what you think is right

I’m happy with that!

Yes, I completed my animation. Just need to synch the sound I put on that talkative stereo with the radial vibrations I create through the displacements.

Other than that. All these days, I have been starting my morning by listening to Mastery stories. This guy is a real story teller. His book is just rich with historical stories that back up his point.

I feel that I’m better at keeping my focus. It’s maybe enhanced my mindfulness practice and other exogenous efforts, but not as much as the work inside that I have made. I found something I really want to accomplish, and want to get it out there.

I had this idea about making a movie about that place here where I work and sleep. This room on the first floor. A camera pan through the room, the window, and Beverley hills. I recorded myself singing the opera song.

I want to make movies. I have some ideas and imaginative thought that I want to reproduce. I was in awe when I first saw that music clip with colors. I wanted to make psychedelic animations since I discovered acid music.

Other than that, I’m interested by the field. That’s why I was attracted by 3d modelling in the first place. That short movie that the guy did with the printer. That French guy. Amazing. I was amazed by the artistic part of it. Yes I’m an artist. Beyond saying that over and over to myself, I should work toward becoming the artist Steven Pressfield describes in the War of Art

No guilt stopping others from sucking your time. It’s your time. And you should preserve it religiously. So no guilt.

I sometimes don’t trust myself and start saying "That can’t be right. This isn’t work. I’m enjoying it…Work can\t be enjoyed". I should stop feeling guilty working on something I enjoy

Tomorrow I will be doing a camera zooming and framing of a "first draft" of the video animation, then go and find that sound. The anchors of Fox44 WCYB, blabllabla, the sound of the dump…dumping. The quiet musical notes in the background like in the IRA Glass video. The radio squeequing.

I just clicked randomly on Youtube without knowing the names on the title.


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