You should do it because it’s inside you and you want to get it out there

This is a lot similar to my 3d modelling learning days.

I should go back and see where I made big mistakes, so I don’t repeat them.

But from memory, I remember that I was learning more than what I needed. I wasted a lot of time learning details that most haven’t been used afterwards.

I should also remember that even if I learn something and I don’t directly apply it. It will not remain in my memory. I will just know that I could go and source the knowledge from that particular place.

So in learning after effects I should just know what I;m trying to achieve and go straight to the point.

Like now, I want to make fumes, that burst and then go up very slowly. I know the "go up part" but still need to perfect the "burst" part. The option of holding in After Effect is doing the jo, but I need to configure the speed off the motion and that’s it.

Actually I should just leave it there and seek to control the speed of the motion.

I know that once I finish that bullshit video, I won’t automatically want to do another one. That’s why I should be ready for that. I know myself now much better than last year at this exact time.

That’s why I keep telling myself that daily videos of my thoughts, my readings should be here anyways and should be produced on a daily basis.

If you want to make a living from youtube you need to make upload so at least you have a chance in 5 years! You hear? But you should not do it so you can get a chance in 5 years. You should do it because it’s inside you. You want to get it out there.


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