Progress on my bullshit animation!

I’m proud I’ve completed the part on the bullshit animation. I progressed and am learning faster.

I’m riding that learning curve, and I know that this is something I enjoy doing. Even not for the money, I think I’d love making videos and expressing my vision and thoughts.

I even remembered that originally, my art project started because I wanted to create an interactive timeline, FOR MYSELF. I love looking at chronological timelines of history. And situate events in time.

But I don’t know exactly how, (but I believe I can know), I worked more toward creating the website and write content for people to read. It wasn’t motivating enough for me so I can, after spending so much energy writing text about art event and artists, go and promote my content and backlinking and stuff.

You won’t succeed because you partly enjoy the project but are not as enthusiastic about some other part. Like I was excited to build a timeline, but was drained by the reading and writing of the articles. I couldn’t sustain doing the work because it didn’t feel rewarding.

I even botched the timeline and couldn’t find the energy to work on the timeline.svg I created on Illustrator.

I knew that flash wasn’t something for me. I never understood what it really is for. But now I understand that it’t exactly for the timeline animation I wanted to do for my Art project. Interactive animation on web. While After Effects is for making movies, short-movies.

So I’m on the right direction know. I just need to focus. Be at peace with the forces block my progress and be more resilient to their attacks..

Tomorrow I will use After Effects to get the fumes out of the stereos and do the camera scaling and filming. Then maybe I’ll start on the audio, the music and the effects.

I’m good


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