I should focus on making book gems videos. They’re more speaking to me now.

I’m always by 2 conflicting emotions. The one that screams "I need to make money to get away from these people" and the one that says "You can only make money by doing something you enjoy". There is no money making in the long-term if the focus is actually on making money.

So what can I do? The first option is to reduce drastically the contact with people that judge while I save my time and energy to focus on what matters to me, which is: finding something that I enjoy that makes money.

The thing to which you say "I can’t believe I get paid to do that" or "I could do it for free, if I’m not thinking long-term".

That’s one.

Two. I thing I still have an advantage in reading and distilling ideas to their essence, and I believe people need me to that for them. Explaining the books I read to them. Saving them time and energy. Because not everybody has the persistence of reading text and saving time for audiobooks, but they will still benefit from gems in books they heard about.

That’s it. I’m happy I’m trying to animate. I found After Effects as a program that is closer to Illustrator and Photoshop so I can get along with it much more easily.

Tomorrow I will finish that animation of fumes getting out of the shit and see how move to the next animation of the stereo bursting with fumes then pundit sounds.

Regarding my reading. I enjoy early morning reading and audiobook listening. Mastery from Robert Greene. I feel that I can read more, and spend more time listening and getting within the environment that I should to be part of.

Let’s have a goal. I will decide on a format and do another 1 week vlog post about my readings.Either it will be with face talking, From the "inventory stock warehouse". Or making nice animations, with maybe after effects, or after effects and my face at the same time with words and shapes poping next to my head while talking.


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