just write about the problem and process the load out of your brain

I didn’t progress much on drawing those fumes on my bullshit animation.

I have no idea how to draw them. I have tried something, but didn’t look nice. So I just stopped. Through web browsing I understood that I have limiting beliefs with regards to my drawing abilities. So there is room for improvement. But to be honnest, I don’t know where to start.

Instead of looking at this as a weakness, let’s adopt the opportunity perspective. Anything I learn can be part of the hallmark brand I can teach.

I can learn by teaching when it comes to drawing. Isn’t that ironic!

I also about dividing that monstruous task of drawing what I want to draw into small minuature tasks. Like if I want to draw fumes out of that shit. What I can start with?

I can just draw some animation of early mid and end-result. Even that I struggle with. Because I maybe can draw the early frame, but not sure of how the latest frame of a fume should look like. Or even can look like.

I can google clipart image and see what is end result.

See.. There is some potential in what I did. I just found an "end-result" clipart of a fume that I liked. And I worked from there. Reverse drawingt he animation because I believe I should start from the most prominent drawing in the animation. In this case it’s the fume before it dissipates in the air.

Once again, self-writing crystalizes my thinking and makes me objectively discuss an obstructing problem in that my mind couldn’t process.

It’s like a load off my brain that I reprocess in a more methodical manner.

Ok to sleep. I’m grateful I have these medicines next to me in case my tooth wakes me up with pain.


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