The Obstacle is the way

Today was a good day. Because I produced. Yes I animated that second part of the bullshit video. It’s amazingly satisfying once it’s done.

I really felt I believe is "the flow". I need to read the part of the book that defines Flow.

In the meantime, I find myself more self-aware. I noticed myself when I responded angrily to something. I think that beyond practice of meditation what is a greater influence on my behaviour is my understanding that it all doesn’t matter.

I really enjoyed progressing on the drawing an animation. The concept of drawing may be a key thing to myself. Knowing, that, even by the official understanding, I’m definitely an artist. Because I can draw.

The perspectives, bodyshapes and the principle of translating 3d images into 2d is all interesting. I learned some, even if it wasn’t "in time", but more "in case".

The obstacle is the way. What may be my biggest impediment can be my biggest asset. Social skills, empathy, artistic leanings. These may be my biggest impediments. My biggest obstacles that if overcome, I will reach my mountain.


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