Taking up the battle of daily text production

Today was an ok day. Not deserving a judgment anyway.

I just thought out what I should do. And that means focusing on what I’m good at already. I’m good at reading and discovering ideas. I’m energetic about thinking up concepts and finding a new way of looking at something. I enjoy listening and learning from the wisdom of others.

Look there are plenty of books out there, and no one can talk about them all. If someone like Fightmediocrity is trying something like that, he needs help. Because there is so much more to show the world.

I will not be the same person if I haven’t read the books I’ve read. And most these authors wouldn’t have written those books if they haven;t read their other books. So that’s my project. My work. My art.

Where I’m good at and can enjoy being better at it. That’s where I can make a difference in the world. Of course I need thankyou notes so I can survive doing it. But that’s not essential.

I’d like to read that book about Debt actually. Knowing that money has been created just people needed to keep record the debt of what each one has makes the whole money thing chance significantly for me.

Will I reread when I write? I doubt it. It needs to remain true and authentic.
When do I need to start? Tomorrow. Saturday 13 Feb. I think that almost the same date I started isnotagame. Just jump on self writing after listening to maybe an audiobook or just write something straight out of your mind.

It doesn’t have to be long and you know that.

Ok so you know what you’re doing tomorrow morning. Apart from that. Yes I’m leaving the animated cartoons as a labor of love which I do when, and only when, I enjoy doing it. I’m professional when it comes to producing text on a daily basis. That’s game I want to play. That’s the battle that I chose.


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