Shifting my focus back to reading and translating the meaning of the concepts. Nuggets, aha moments, Gems

I completed my animation on the 3rd day. The tail is swinging with the shadow on the back.

I learned how to use traced bitmap and turn them into svgs. That way I can have great video resolution. I’m enjoying the result. Although I’m thinking that I should focus on what I’m already good at.

I’m writing these here. I can just record my screen as I type. It’s the easiest for me right at this moment. And if I focus my energy I can start collecting results.

When the writing comes from the heart. Almost everything is… I don’t know what I’m saying.

I can make the simplest videos ever, A channel called. Me typing. I just called it Rafael Thinking.

I can just blog post on Youtube. The number of views will be just like a blog post, only no need for SEO and website.

ALright, we gonna celebraaate! One moore time!!

I feel the pain in my tooth, but I grateful that I could heal it. And My abs habit is in. Habits are really powerful.

That all I do. Just my habit.

So as I said. I need to shift my energy in what I;m already good at and I can progress with. I read books and I can translate what they say into meaningful example, illustration, examples to others so they can grasp the concept. Because you can be a fan of something, like a movie or something, and you’d enjoy someone ma,ing a short clip smartly referencing what he knows and what you know too. Because you both watched the movie.

Well the book summary should be for those who have already read it. But the people that pass by, the onlookers, they will be attracted by knowing what we’re talking about, asking "What’s the reference".


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