One thing.Animation. Thinking about what is a “real” job

Today was a good. I spent it on ONE thing only. Animating that Bull tail. I’m happy with the result. I jsut need to do the same with the shadow.

I believe I can make a vlog and work on the animations. I believe I can produce more in a day.

But let’s be cautious. You don’t want to be stupid with taking on too much, and ending up doing nothing. The more you take, the closer to giving up everything.

That should be a cold rule for everything.

I was thinking about "Get a real job" expression. Generally said to passionate, flaky artists. Sure an artist needs to be professional and get some distance from his art. Falling in love with the art, as Steven Pressfield said, makes you more vulnerable and makes Resistance ready to strike.

But thinking about real jobs. What are real jobs?? Take one for example. Customer service for some product. How essential to human life this task is? How essential and Real this product can be to human lives?

besides basic, I mean BASIC food, and BASIC shelter that makes you hide from the rain, you don’t need much to live a regular human life. The life your ancestors lived for millions of years. What we are doing, building, creating, is mostly non-vital to human existence. And if you think about it, most the population on the planet lives without most of these products and services your "real" job is making.

So chill. Because there is no such thing as a real job. People take just take a "job" to get their toys, and play with and show them to others. They rarely use the money to do essential things. Because feeding yourself would need $1 a day. Impossible? Ask the millions of people that live like that already. A house, an apartment you say? It’s essential? Go have a look at how millions survive, and sometimes are even happy living on. People live on small fishing boats and are just fine.

So whatefver you’re doing, or considering a "real" job. It isn’t. It’s just just another form of superfluous, metaphysical, artistic endeavors that nourish your conscious being. Same as what I’m trying to do in my not-so-real job

Good night!


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