Excited, I should just not replicate the mistakes I made when I learned 3d modelling

I was dragged but the my curiosity of animation.

I started Flash animation long time ago, when I was a kid. And I never understood what are the black dots and white rectangles for, on the animation timeline. I still don’t. There is a good chance that by tomorrow I will know what these stand for.

The excitement is quite similar to when I was understanding and modelling in 3d. I really enjoyed building things in 3d. And to be pattern recognizer (a human), I wanted to use 3d modelling to model some worlds I’ve seen in my dreams. There still that dusty gladiator-like Arena where everyone is walking on top rock blocks. I still remember how that dark house on top floor, and the sand and sea on down the entrance. The white sand. The isolation. It is weird. And I want to model that and put in a audio for that someday.

I want to edit that video before I go to sleep. Because I know that if I don’t edit that while it’s fresh. I will never touch it back again. A video about me starting to animate using Flash cc.

That’s it my day was all about animation. Hey Cueio, finding that Jazza drawing animation tutorials. And things around these.

Time went quite fast. That what is considered as Flow, according to the book of that author with unspellable name.

My abs. Maybe the Dicaprio Revenant movie, and sleep. Getting ready for animation tomorrow. I should think up the mistakes that I’ve made when learning 3d modelling and not replicate them.


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