Digging the animation experience and enjoying it

I thought about what really matters. What would be the result of me reaching my goal?

Feelimg useful. To others. My effort to help them and making gifts for them will be appreciated. And the most fundamental form of people showing their appreciation of what you do is paying you their money. In other words, making a gift back to you. They will ell you this way that they loved your present to them.

I focusing on my habits. Of course I should progress bit by bit. Not feeling the difference from a day to the next,

I’m an artist. I can say that. I make things and trigger change from thin air. That’s what I try to live up to.

I got inspried byy that Steve Cutts guy ending up doing a Simpsons couch gag, One of the coolest ever. Then that Brazilian animator. I barely understood the words of his work, but I understood most of what the images where telling. And most importantly I enjoyed watching his work. The sound effect, superb. I couldn;t stop watching.

His videos were soothing. Not like that scammy, epileptic,"funny" videos I come across by the "youtubers". The flashier the better. I enjoy movies like Aviator where the mood and the background music is amazingly sober and classy.

I see myself working on that. On animations, there is strong evidence that I was attracted from early age by animation, comics and cartoons. Tom and Jerry and their music, Donald, Picsou and their stories, and the Simpsons, their wit and humour.

So now I trying to figure out how to make things simple, easy to process, labor of love exclusively in which I don’t find a step worthless. Just cutting out the fat.

If I can;t draw, I will just take drawing of others. I can animate I guess, I can make audio, I guess. At least myself working on that, rather than working drawing up things from scratch.

I can also vlog now. With my screen recorded. My vlog can be myself recorded doing my daily self-writing. Also, I figured that "Notepad on Excel" is the single tool that serves, and that I always come back to on a daily basis. Manictime is doing that effortless tracking. Like a surveillance camera preserving things in case, and only in case, I want to go back to them.

To sleep. Let’s just fix my teeth and get outta here.


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