Sniffing more of what I like and less of what I don’t (ebooks, reading/listening, writing, audio recording)

It’s my 2nd day in which I just recorded audio, without making visuals. I’m still believing that there is a a way to make my visual or the medium in which I put the text and audio more enjoyable for me to make.

I refuse to believe for now that I should do something even if I don’t fully enjoy. I believe in Hell Yeah or no. Making the drawings with my audio is not a complete Hell yeah.

But let’s agree that I got better at recording my voice. After 2 or 3 out loud recorded reading I make better record of my voice. It sounds more natural. There is less edit. And I must say. It’s has become a bit more enjoyable. I mean the audio part.

Regarding the visuals. I don’t know yet about that. I find it painful to use videoscribe. It’s not intuitive. Maybe if there is something in Adobe it would be easier. I don’t know if I should just maybe record my face while talking.

What is certain is that enjoy listening and reading books. That’s for sure. Maybe not reading the books, by strictly finishing one then moving to another. But more like consider the text as solid blog post and the audio as some 1-2 hrs podcast at a time.

I’m taking the wisdom of the others and slowly making it my own.

At least I know what I enjoy more. And where I should sniff more toward to.


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