Making the video making a habit

I did my dues. I feel that I’m enjoying the part of reading and bursting my ideas. Of course I can work on them to make them more natural. But it’s ok.

Also, it;s all written. I’d love to have some more poignant visuals. But hey, let’s just build the habit that’s we’re working towards.

I feel like these days here are only about holding until I’m free again in Tangier. I know that projecting on a better future is not good. So I’m refraining from thinking so. And trying to make the most of my day. The most of my time here. The most of my life.

The idea of Mastery that I watched FightMediocrity talking about is just perfect sense to me. No one just jumps from zero to high level overnight. It comes with step floor of leveling ups. Somehow this can only be illustrated with a picture. And that’s what I need to think about if I need visuals on my videos. Things that can ONLY be explained by a picture. Because words can do the job. It;s just that sometimes, the words are not precise enough to explain everything as easily.

So that’s that. I’m minimalistic. Controlling my mornings only. I’m more laid back with the rest of my time. Although I wish I read and learned, Video games take a lot of time in my day.

I’m focus on making the vlogging a habit. Because the thrill will be gone anyways at some point.


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