Simplistic, effective. Although I feel like missing something

I’m keeping these short. Because my days are simply. At least I try for them to be.

I get up and first thing is doing the work. Sitting and working for the muse to come. Not moving away until it’s done.

I did my Linchpin first concept ideas. Yesterday and ended up uploading it few minutes ago. I’m quite happy with the result.

I feel ok about reading books ALL MY LIFE and taking notes for my future self. So I see myself doing it tomorrow and the next day. I can work toward adding value to the notes I take from my reading and making sticky memorable videos.

"If you don’t see yourself doing what you’re doing all your life, so why do it one day?" A different way of thinking "Hell yeah, or no"

Then, by noon, I just spent time with my brother. Had fun. Guitar riffing. Then it lead to video games. It could have been a walk in the forest or something, instead. Then watching videos I get inspired by, fixing things with my upload today and then wrapping up.

I feel something is missing. I don’t feel super good in my health. It can be my sitting posture. The tension with parents, that was released, once again.

Ok let’s rest. I’m looking forward to be alone and far away from disturbance.

But it’s all ok. I’m a happy person.

I feel like doing more of the book reading and concept note taking. Like Sapiens book for example.


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