On a variation of the daily vlog, into 2 days long short film project

When I talked to my father about going to Tangier. I didn’t make big mistakes. I showed him that he was contradicting himself, between encouraging me in what I want to do and be a controlling freak. He is now thinking which one he really is.

I must say that I should never get close to someone that is about to be controlled by his fears. His fear was talking to me. I should not take his Resistance seriously. He is fighting it himself. It wasn’t him that was being a control freak.

You can notice it. Because it was the last words that came from his mouth. His fear arised when I was about to leave. And I should leave him someday. But I should teach him to let go. Like a dog.

I should start reading about dog training. It valuable in communication with other animals , humans being one of them

I didn’t vlog today. Because I took a big chunk of a challenge that would require 2 days of work. I could have done, the few words and animations but figured I want to try new things.

I don;t know if trying things after 8 days in a habit is good. one thing for sure. I successfully have done daily short film for 7 days.


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