Still at it and exploring further

I’d call it a linear day.

I was trying to remain present most of the time. And I certainly was present for some good time today.

The Hammam with brother and father, how relaxing and wholesome it was, the delicious fish I had for sunset-lunch and the Oum Kalthoum listening at my grandmother’s.

I also enjoyed learning that my brother found Casey Neistat interesting and thinking about vlogging.

I had the idea about trying to reproduce the sound and voices of a hammam. Also I’d love to explore the sound universe where I can reproduce underwater voices and explore the whole thing.

I wanted to document my sound exploration. But it felt poor in content for me.

But as I heard Casey in that conference. The important is the story.

SO I’d just need to keep that in my mind. My story of learning sound and using the tools and techniques I know to understand it.

I shall document that tomorrow. just what I know about sound and what I think I will go to learn first and how I’ll learn it.


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