Day routine of today, somewhat yesterdays and tomorrows

I’m in the process of thinking up new ideas on my film operations.

Yes I make short films now. And I should think about it this way. I’m thinking about new "diverging", "might not work ideas". I feel free in trying things.

Now I tried recording my "as I’m typing voice". The sound of my voice is not nice. I tried to reduce the keyboard sound and leave my voice. But my voice is so low that it’s barely hearable.

I learned quite a bit about removing sound and noise in audition. Using Audition cc might be a good strategy now, instead of ableton and EQ filters, compressor and gate.

But I want to understand what makes a good sound quality. Is it the frequencies reaching different specific levels all at the same time. (Which I believe is an accurate pitch).

Actually I should record my journey and make it a series of vlogs where I actually learn about sound. It might be a good note taking ideas.

Other than that. I enjoyed listening to Tara Brach stories. I feel that now I’m listening podcasts and watching videos, I pay more attention to the story making. It is the most pertinent form of learning and memorizing things. That’s why card mnemonic technique use the visuals that emanate from a story our imagination makes.

Keeping it simple. Short. and ONE thing at a time.

I feel that my day, and somewhat days before and the ones coming after, will be about scoring my ONE thing first thing in the morning. Then breakfast and kind of chill. Laughing at youtube. Watching videos. Reading too (High consumption level) until after lunch where I’d listen to Tara brach or some mindful story like France Cultture or something like Hardcore History that I might try (by 3pm I assume). Then after that sort of mindful/fictional rest. I get ready to use the rest of my day, by being creative. Thinking, maybe trying to produce or idea try outs. and then eat and go to sleep


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