This should continue as a Vlogging – Reading week

The alarm set at 6 was great. My mind was ready to end the day.

I get distracted when I get into video games.. More than my brothers. I get hooked faster. And I should learn to limit the damage.

I feel I’m on a rail track these days. I’m focused on doing one thing. As said in the podcast, it’s not easy to become "oh I;m going to chill now" especially if you are a type A personality that wants to accomplish great things.

I need to fill my time with listening and reading. I was on a good track on it/ Until my brother was here. He is using me for his entertainment, as much I do when it comes my turn to disturb him. I;m sure there a balance somewhere.

I’m drinking absinthe tea. Actually it;s not absinthe. It’s only an infusion of the leafs. It’s doing something to my membrane.

Like I said. I need to fill in my time with a set of activities such as:
-Reading/listening to books.
-Programming coding

It’s like I want to do more. And less is more! I need to learn how to chill. Let’s just complete that first week with vlogging every morning. I remember having everyday of the week for something. like something that surprised me, or something I want to teach… But I found my voice and went on blogging. I should do the same with vlogging.

Technically, I’m not vlogging. I’m animating. Drawing illustrating. I should finish the 7 days, or whatever I set as "habit forming" objective. And give a try to vlogging my face out there. With maybe animation, clips and sequences, and sounds inside. You know…Unleashing my whole creativity thing.

Let’s focus on this until Sunday. Vlogging and Reading. That’s it. Vlogging and reading week


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