Keep your eyes on what you set as reality. Your work is getting better.

I wish I could write this journal at 6 pm as I set my alarm to.

I could have talked about how enjoyable the day can be when you purposely avoid negativity, from the people around you, from the things you might be lured to do.

I did my dues for today. I’m not sure if I should consider my daily vlogs as my drippings. But it’s definitely something I enjoy doing without knowing where it will lead me. It definitely doesn’t scale.

I feel that I should go back to listening to mixergy and podcasts that put me into the reality I chose. Not the reality others choose for me.

I bummed today. And that’s the feeling a comedian like seinfeld, bill burr and chris rock and louis ck feel everyday. And they cope with. They’re humans. Why should I not cope it. What’s make me different.

What was I thinking. Having encouragement of what I do from 60 years old? That was not a smart move.

I remember when Chris Rock was telling about that story he had in a college gig. He said that it was the moment where he "became what he became today", because he could not be de-phased by meaningless anymore. He was stronger than ever.

I should get back on reading. Placing reading gaps during the day. And focusing on what matter. Not on encouragement from people that have no word in what I do, or decide to do.


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