Haircut Day!

Fun day it was.

I started by dripping and making the animation of my vlog post.

Felt a great sense of "mission accomplished" and went on to get and give a haircut. Made a video out of it. And enjoyed the editing part, mixing in the audio and learning and the ins and outs of speed editing, on demand whenever I needed it.

It’s interesting that I learned so much, although I didn’t expect that much of a learning at all. Even after I finished the work and got my video played to others. I found that beside the editing techniques and tools, the video should depict a story that climaxes and give a resolution. The fun and laughs should maintained and given a whole big part at the end. and so on..

That’s quite a interesting point. "Even if you think you’ll learn something" from trying something new. You’ll soon find that there was so much learned. If you keep you mind open.

The trophy of that edited video is really something. That made today unforgettable.

Especially this days, in January, where my self-awareness got mixed-up. I got back to the old style tracker, in order to regain my awareness of time.

Let’s go to sleep because I still want to animate my vlog, before I plunge into gaming with my brother…I guess. We can come up with something completely different.


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