My first vlog is uploading

It’s sunday and my daily vlog started today.

I hope it will be like my previous blogging, Seth Godin style, I used to do in isnotagame.

I want to keep it brief and simple like isnotagame. My strategy to make it a habit is to write blog posts before I sleep. Like I used to. Every night. Then wake up first thing in the morning, record my reading in audio. Then drawing animation, on Illustrator. It should be the simplest animation and then put them on videoscribe. Then I use Premiere. Slap the audio, slice and dice, then on to add a music track of the day. Something I want to listen. Then few enhancements, encodings and gone!!

Apart from that it was a ghill day. I at the same time produced and laughed. Let me just be grateful and go to sleep.


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